Rezoning will cause traffic issues

I am concerned traffic could be greatly impacted by the LISD Middle School Rezoning Proposal 1 plan.

FM 2499 and Morriss Road are already congested in the mornings.  Many residents drive their child to school on their way to work.  If west Flower Mound residents are rezoned to Forestwood Middle School the congestion on FM 2499 and Morriss Road would increase, not to mention the side streets between those two heavily traveled roads.

This would not only affect the children who have been rezoned but also the north residents of Flower Mound who are trying to commute to work.

The rezoning committee has worked hard to come up with options.  I hope they continue to examine the option that works best for all of Flower Mound.

Kristi Hassett
Flower Mound, TX


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