Argyle town manager takes reins

Argyle town manager Charles West has been on the job for almost two months, and the former Lindale Community Development Director/Fire Marshall seems to be fitting into the position just fine.

West, who started his new job on Nov. 26, said he found a lot about the town of Argyle appealing, but said the potential is what impressed him most.

“It’s a growing community,” West said. “It reminds me a lot of Lindale, which has seen a lot of growth over the last two years, and I think that is important.”

Argyle town council members voted 3-2 to offer West the position in October following the firing of Interim Town Manager Rod Hogan.

West said that his management philosophy is to be involved, first and foremost, and to welcome feedback from the community when it comes to the issues affecting them.

“I’m a hands on type of a person,” West said. “I have an open door policy here, where anyone from the community is welcome to come to my office and visit with me about any problem that they have, and I will work to get them an answer.”

Concerns were expressed about West’s level of experience in the position of town manager at the council meeting at which West was offered his position, and West said he sees his role in the community pretty clearly.

“Your town manager is kind of like the CEO of a company, and the town council is kind of like the board you report to,” West said. “He’s the main go-to for the citizens to come to; the voice in the forefront of the community.”

West graduated from LeTourneau University with an MBA, has been married for 21 years and has two high school age children.

“Right now, I’m still getting my hands wrapped around what is going on here,” West said. “I haven’t set any goals just yet. I just want people to know that I and my family are glad to be here, and we look forward to becoming a permanent part of the community.”


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