Argyle Police Blotter

The following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of The Cross Timbers Gazette:

Police responded to a domestic disturbance in the 500 block of East FM 407 after a woman reported that her cousin was drinking, doing crack, and walking around the house destroying her property. The suspect drove off before police arrived.

A resident on East Hickory Hill Road called police to complain about beavers in her backyard pond. The woman said that she had called various agencies for help to no avail.  She was given the phone number for the Agricultural Extension office. 

A motorist on Hwy 377 said that someone in an old pickup driving erratically in front of him threw a beer can out the window and it hit his windshield. 

Someone stole license plates for a motorcycle out of a mailbox on Hickory Ridge Court and the victim began racking up toll charges.

A Partridge Drive resident reported 12 suspicious juveniles running around after dark climbing on trees, being loud and vandalizing houses. She believed that they were intoxicated because “they looked wobbly” and one of them could barely hold on to the light pole they were climbing. Police spoke to the kids and determined that no offense had taken place.

Police took a theft report on Skyline Drive from a resident who said that two fans attached to her house were stolen.

A resident on Santa Fe Trail reported a blue Chrysler was driving through the neighborhood in excess of 60 mph. The resident was unable to get a license plate number and said the windows were tinted too dark to identify the occupants.

Argyle PD assisted the Sheriff’s Department with removing a former client from the Sante Center for Healing who was demanding his property be returned.

A bloodied 20-year-old woman showed up at the police station and was arrested for breaking into a truck a couple of blocks away. The truck’s owner called police and asked that the charges be dropped so the woman could be released from jail. A couple of days after she was released, the truck owner reported his vehicle missing. The truck was eventually located in California.

Police took a burglary report in the 200 block of west FM 407 after a resident found her front door kicked in and a TV and computer missing.

A woman called police from the Paradise Foods parking lot and said that someone backed into her vehicle while she was parked by the dumpster throwing trash away. She said the other driver tried to leave the scene because she has no insurance, but the caller attempted to convince her to stay until police arrived. The errant driver agreed to write her information down before leaving and her daughter took off when she learned the police were coming.

An unknown woman allegedly entered a home on Stonecrest Road and stole $300 cash sitting on the kitchen table. A witness said that the suspect may live in the same neighborhood.

An East Hickory Ridge Circle woman reported an Internet scam after purchasing four pairs of shoes totaling $132 online and only receiving a shower cap. 

A Stonecrest Road resident said she saw a man pointing a shotgun towards his small child in the front yard.  Police investigated and determined it was BB gun.

Argyle police assisted the Sheriff’s Department with a suspicious vehicle call after a televangelist reported a Camaro following him on FM 1830. He told the police dispatcher that a man had written a book about burglarizing his home and he was concerned for his safety.

Two teens in a gold Honda Accord were throwing bottles of hot sauce and ketchup at vehicles on Hwy 377. A victim of the condiment attack followed the pair into the Cross Timbers Church parking lot but did not wish to press charges.

An equipment installer for a satellite TV company filed an assault charge after he was groped and propositioned by a 45-year-old male customer during an install at an Argyle trailer home.

A resident on Crooked Cove reported that a solicitation company has been repeatedly coming through the neighborhood leaving flyers on front doors and he suspected the workers were actually casing the neighborhood. He stated that a neighbor found one of the flyers inside their house upon arriving home.

Police responded multiple times to reports of juveniles in the Country Lakes community pool after hours.

A man called police to request an officer be present at an address on Old Justin Road while he attempts to pick up his four wheeler from a friend who was repairing it. He said his friend stated that the ATV was stolen, but the man suspected he was hiding it from him.

Police assisted Northlake Police at the Dry Creek Ranch Apartments after a man called for help with getting his ex-girlfriend to leave the apartment.  Witnesses said the couple had been arguing for several hours. 

Someone put a bullet hole in the wall of a home on Corral City Drive. The homeowners stated that they are jailers for the Sheriff’s office and were concerned that criminals in the area may be targeting them. Police detained a man who admitted to misfiring a round from his pistol. 

An elderly man went to the police station to report a possible phone scam after receiving a call from a person claiming to be his grandson and requesting $2000 in bail money to be wired to Mexico City in order to clear up a drug arrest in Florida. The man did not take the bait.

A resident on Oregon Trail reported a skunk sleeping in her backyard near the pool pump. The Animal Control Officer was notified.

Police responded to a call from a Corral City man who reported an attempted trailer theft. He stated that he had swapped trailers with a Sanger man a month ago and now the man said he is going to come and take his trailer back. The caller could not produce a contract, title or registration for the trailer and was advised to contact an attorney.

A Harpole Road resident reported that a man in his 20’s wearing a white shirt, tie and slacks walked around her house and attempted to open a window on the front porch. The man left in a grey pickup truck before police arrived. The woman stated that her house is listed for sale and surmised that the suspect may just be a potential buyer.

Someone driving a pickup truck hit three mailboxes on Frenchtown Road and left their side mirror behind.

A Country Lakes resident complained that three small airplanes were buzzing the neighborhood by flying at approximately 100 feet off the ground. Police were unable to locate the planes.

Police investigated a suspicious vehicle report after a resident said someone in a black Mercedes with tinted windows was driving down Stonecrest Road looking into mailboxes. 

A resident on Thornridge Court called police after witnessing an ice cream truck drive through his neighbor’s open gate after dark and hearing what he thought was an adult screaming in distress. Upon investigation, the neighbor stated that his son-in-law drives an ice cream truck and was just visiting.

A Corral City man reported that someone shot two bullet holes into his unoccupied pickup truck during the overnight hours. He first suspected his ex-wife and her boyfriend but she had an alibi.

Police responded to a fight in progress between a man and his adult son in the 100 block of East FM 407. Police took the elder man into custody.

A bicyclist on Crawford Rd. reported that a man in a jeep ran him off the road and damaged his bike. An officer made contact with the driver’s daughter who lives in Country Lakes. She stated that her father was a bad driver. 

A Denton County resident wished to file a report against her godson after receiving 40 to 50 threatening calls from him, stating he had been drinking for days and threatening to harm her and hi


Originally published in the November & December 2012 issues of The Cross Timbers Gazette

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