Love Locally: 2013 New Year Relationship Resolutions

The New Year is quickly approaching and so much has changed for all of us in the past year, and now it’s time to do it all over again. What will 2013 bring?

There is always the expected: I will go to work. I will spend quality time with my children. I will try to take better care of myself. But there is also the unexpected. Looking back on 2012, there might have been many things regarding your personal life that changed that you couldn’t have predicted. However, with the New Year almost here it is time to think about New Year’s resolutions for your personal/dating life and to be open to change, be courageous, and willing to take chances.

2013 Resolutions for Singles

Take more risks. Step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself, i.e. learn something new, change jobs, move, go to Europe alone. Do something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the nerve. It’s your time to figure out who the new you is going to be.

Become “single, secure, & satisfied” rather than continually searching for the right mate. Don’t limit yourself to your idea or fantasy of the perfect person. By being more open—or even tossing out your preconceived ideas of the perfect mate altogether—you may just meet someone great who you would’ve originally dismissed. Being more confident in who you are will allow you to be more open to others and could open the door to possibilities you could of never imagined.

Step outside your comfort zone socially. Get off the couch! Storage Wars and The Real Housewives will still be there when you get home. Enjoy your “kid free” time. Join a gym, Check out and find a local group that interests you, learn to play a new sport or hire a matchmaker… Whatever it is, get out and see what 2013 will bring.

Review your patterns in choosing potential mates. To alter what type of person you are attracted to, you have to believe what you have experienced isn’t how love and relationships have to be. One of the scientific laws of energy is the Law of Attraction. It states: “Energy is attracted to energy of similar frequency.” Get actively involved in changing your relationship pattern and change your energy. Be confident in what type of relationship you want, deserve, and then have fun dating. Take this new mental approach and see your dating life change.

Stop over-analyzing. In the world of smartphones, this means not rereading a text message 12 times and wondering if you should reply now, in five minutes, or in two hours. All that energy could be spent doing something else…. Better yet, start a new trend, date without texting. Just some good old fashion conversation! There is a lot more intimacy in hearing someone’s voice than analyzing his or her written word.

KISS Keep It Simple Sam or Sally. We complicate things and set unrealistic expectations on love and relationships. Let the natural progression of events happen. Appreciate the moment. Enjoy the person you have agreed to go out with even if you don’t think the person is exactly your type. It’s a moment in time and you never know where that moment will lead.

These resolutions are easy to stick to, because they don’t ask that you be perfect or to totally change your lifestyle. Unlike diets that we never stick to, these small changes will be easy to make and will pay off in the end. Let’s make 2013 your best relationship year so far!


Teresa Grawe is the CEO/Founder of Love Locally™. Love locally, LLC is a professional, upscale, traditional, off-line matchmaking firm based in Flower Mound, Texas. Love Locally™ is committed to helping DFW single parents find love in the community they already live in a safe and confidential way. For more information regarding Love Locally visit our website at, LIKE us on Facebook at Love Locally and follow us on Twitter @lovelocallyDFW.

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