Building character through fiction

Scotty Sanders has taught leadership skills throughout most of his adult life and trained thousands of people on the subject along the way.

The Lantana resident recently tried his hand for a second time at authorship when he penned the children’s fantasy fiction book “Quest of the Keys,” and so far, the reception has been excellent.

“All I have heard is positive,” Sanders said. “I have to be careful here, because I don’t know that anyone is going to volunteer to tell me a lot of negative stuff, but we’ve heard good things.

“We are going to write a sequel and maybe even a prequel to the book, and we want to hear all the feedback we can. We want to know what people liked and didn’t like.”

Sanders makes his living as an International Consultant with a number of organizations and has traveled throughout the world.

He said he knew that in order to reach young people about leadership, he was going to have to deviate from his traditional approach to the subject.

“How I’ve taught for a number of years and my generation is very much in that linear, lecture, teach them, they take the notes, the three bullet points and so forth,” Sanders said. “But I recognize that in that younger generation, that his just not going to be relevant to them.

“I started thinking about how I could take those principals that I think are life changing and put it into a delivery system that would be relevant and engaging for the younger generation.”

Sanders said some of those principals are for young people to recognize that they have a purpose for their lives and should strive to live that purpose.

He also teaches that people should live their lives with passion.

“We just signed an agreement with a national marketing firm, where they will be marketing this book into the eighth grade and up educational systems across the United States,” Sanders said. “The fact that they are doing that tells us that they believe in what we’re doing and think it is a message that is relevant and highly inspirational and has great potential in those markets.”

Sanders does have another book to his credit called “One Focus Living,” which was a non fiction account of his own spiritual journey in life.

“Quest of the Keys,” officially came out on Sept. 1 and several schools including Dallas-based Responsive Education Solutions have bought it to use as their 7-8th grade character development.

Sanders said he hopes his book motivates young people and said he would like for readers to take away a couple of things from the story. 

“I would like to see them take control of their lives and realize that they are the master of their lives,” Sanders said. “To realize that they can get out of any situation they are in, if they apply themselves, and work on being the best person that they can be.

“I want them to realize that they can overcome any circumstances with hard work. Beyond that, I’d like them to think about what they can do for other people in their lives.”

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