Pedestrian-friendly plan for Lakeside Parkway wins preliminary approval

Members of the Flower Mound Transportation Commission unanimously recommended that a new street classification be added to the town’s Master Thoroughfare Plan at their Sept. 18 meeting.

The new street plan, called “Urban Minor Arterial with On-street Parking,” is designed specifically for areas where pedestrian traffic receives priority over vehicular traffic.

The street design includes narrower lanes, angled on-street parking, and wide sidewalks with trees – features which slow traffic, build foot traffic, and most importantly, should attract retailers.

Commission members also unanimously recommended that this new street design be applied to Lakeside Parkway within the proposed Lakeside DFW mixed-use development.

“We are excited by the commission’s actions,” said Jimmy Archie, managing director of Realty Capital Management, the master developer for Lakeside DFW.

“Creating a pedestrian-friendly street design for Lakeside Parkway within Lakeside DFW is the essential first step in building a retail destination,” he added.

P&Z will consider the recommendation to add the new street classification to the town’s thoroughfare plan this Monday, Sept. 24; council will consider the issue on Oct. 1.

The issue of applying the street classification to Lakeside Parkway within Lakeside DFW will come to a vote simultaneously with the vote on Lakeside DFW’s zoning request.

Those votes will take place at P&Z meeting on Oct. 8 and at council on Nov. 5. Public input is welcome at all public hearings before P&Z and council.


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