Flower Mound student overcomes addiction

I was an addict and food was my drug of choice. Since high school I had struggled with my weight and thought I had control of it, but I was lying to myself. I called myself a follower of Jesus; yet, I was destroying the very body I believe He gave me. I was trapped inside of my body and I wanted out. With some help, I made a choice to finally take care of this monster.

I moved to Flower Mound in January to go to Kings University. Today, I have lost 55 pounds and 15 percent of my body fat and I feel better then ever! While losing weight has been nice, I quickly found that it was simply a nice side effect of living a healthy lifestyle that I enjoy. I feel better, I have more energy, I sleep better, I am more alert, and food is no longer seen as an obstacle. And I really enjoyed getting a whole new stylish wardrobe.  There were three basic things I have learned and applied that have helped me.  If it worked for me, it can work for anyone.

The first thing I learned is that I am the only person who can control me. I was a master at the blame game. I could blame a myriad of people and circumstances for my weight issues such as my friends for inviting me out to late night binge fests. I could have blamed my busy schedule or the restaurants for not having better options.

Blame is a violent tool that pushes all responsibility away from you and onto someone else. When you blame you are admitting that you are powerless and can’t do anything about your situation. YOU ARE POWERFUL and you can choose how to handle what comes at you.  No one controls you. No one. Your choices are up to you. If you want to change something, then DO IT. Stop making excuses. Get help. Fix it. You are powerful and YOU control YOU.

I learned that I was created to be active. The human body is an amazing piece of artistic work that was created to function at a very high level. Exercising and being active makes my body come to life. When you choose to exercise you will quickly realize that your body can handle much more than you thought it could. I was blessed to be able to work with an amazing personal trainer, Kelli Calabrese. She has a private studio called Divine Health. I met with her three times a week for a 30 minute total body conditioning session and then I walked 5–6 days a week for 30–60 minutes. 

Everyone can do SOMETHING when it comes to exercise. Your body needs to be active because it was not created to sit.

Another thing I learned is that what I put into my body is just as important as what I do with my body. There were some days where I went off of my eating plan and still exercised. Those days I felt like garbage. The things that I put into my body affected me more than what I did with my body.

In losing weight diet is everything.  It’s important to not just eat less, but to eat better. Eating one Big Mac instead of two is not a diet. Instead, eat as organic as possible and avoid the fake stuff. As a general rule of thumb, if God made it, eat it.

I was introduced to amazing company called Isagenix. This is a company that offers natural and healthy weight loss and cleansing options. Without any exaggeration, this program has changed my life. I did the 30 day cleanse and fat burning program and lost 20 pounds. Then I repeated it multiple times and it truly was a gift from God. You can find a link to site at the bottom and I would love to encourage you through it.

If you struggle with weight, know that God loves you JUST AS YOU ARE right now. However, He loved me enough to kick me in pants and push towards solutions that worked. I have complete control over how I take care of my body, and so do you. I had to stop making excuses. How about you? YOU are God’s creation.  Your body is His temple. Respect yourself enough to get healthy. It will be worth it…I promise.

For more information about Kelli Calabrese see www.kellicalabrese.com
For more information about Isagenix see www.josiahsolis.isagenix.com


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