Good neighbor helps with good fences

Roy Oteo is doing his part to ensure that residents of southern Denton County in need of a new fence get the best price possible.

Oteo, President of the Willow Ridge Estates Homeowners Association in southeast Flower Mound, is trying to get enough people in need of new privacy fences together to create a bundle that would allow the group of homeowners to pay less for their new fences.

Oteo said he got the idea from a program that the Town of Flower Mound offers.

“They have a wonderful sidewalk program they do for us here in Flower Mound,” Oteo said. “I constantly urge the residents in my neighborhood to call the town to let them come out and look at their sidewalks.

“We have a great program, where if the Town finds some problems, they’ll let you know, and they will price it out, get a bundle of people together, and then somebody who is doing their concrete work in town will come and do everybody all at once. It’s at an extremely good cost to the homeowners.”

Oteo said he wants to apply that same principle to fences, and he is willing to go beyond the Flower Mound town limits to get a group together.

“There has got to be something, because besides roof work, which we have to take care of, the other really big expense is the wooden fences we have to maintain in Flower Mound,” Oteo said.

“Everybody has issues now with the economy, and we have other expenses, but we still have to take care of our fences.

“I don’t want to be one of these HOA presidents that tells people, ‘you have to get this taken care of in 30 days, get us a plan and have it done.’ I don’t think you have to treat people that way. Why not use a cooperative effort to get anybody that needs a new fence on the list?”

Oteo said anyone willing to talk to vendors when the time comes to get the bundle of fences is welcome to be added to the list of people who will have their fences repaired or replaced.

Following a newsletter sent out to his community of Willow Ridge Estates, Oteo said he already has four people that have volunteered to be a part of the bundle.

“I’ve had a few competing fence companies that have come out and looked at it, and it sounds like we could be talking about a savings upwards of 20 to 25 percent,” Oteo said.

Contact Roy Oteo at (972) 355-1718 if you interested in the joining the bundle, and leave a message including your name, phone number, address.

Oteo said he needs to know by the end of September, as all interested homeowners will have a meeting with the fence companies in early October.


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