Highland Village Mayor’s Message – August

We’re in the middle of another hot Texas summer; besides the often blistering heat, here in Highland Village we really have only two major issues to conquer. They are traffic congestion on FM 407 and mosquitoes. The existence of both are unfortunately beyond our control, however we can take action so they don’t control us. It boils down to each of us taking responsibility for our own actions and decisions.

Let me start with FM 407. The traffic congestion is due to the road construction that seems to have been underway for too long. In actuality, it’s just getting started.

Many issues delayed the completion of the widening of this roadway; however it now looks as though the contractors have the green light to move forward. And they are moving forward by working on the road every day of the week. It’s this tenacity that will likely complete the project ahead of schedule – maybe early summer 2013. You may be thinking that is a long time, but the actual estimated completion date is October 2013. Summer 2013 would be welcomed.

The issue of concern, besides the traffic congestion, is the well-being of our businesses along FM 407. Some are already experiencing a drop in sales. We can’t allow this trend to continue. These business owners and managers have invested their time and money into our city and I appeal to you to rally behind them.

Continue to patronize the stores, restaurants and services found along FM 407. Without much inconvenience, you can make this happen. There are alternative routes to get to your favorite businesses on FM 407. Take this opportunity to explore your community. Drive the scenic route. If you choose to travel via FM 407, leave early and be cautious and courteous of others.

Dealing with road construction is annoying but in the end, it’s worth it. I ask you to make a conscious decision to continue your support of our Highland Village businesses.

Speaking of businesses on FM 407, we are excited by the recent news of Whole Foods coming to the Shops at Highland Village.

Whole Foods has been a desire of residents in the region. The addition of this retailer to our shopping options is bound to be the beginning of further positive impacts for our community.

The economic development work done by previous Councils and staff continues to prove Highland Village is a desired destination point. We’ll keep everyone informed as the development process continues.

Our other issue is mosquitoes. We are facing the worst West Nile Virus (WNV) season in Denton County’s history. The Denton County Health Department reports 31 human cases of WNV in Denton County as of July 27, 2012. The previous record year was 2003 when there were 8 cases.

Highland Village has conducted spraying operations in different areas of the city on three different occasions. However, this treatment only kills the adult population of mosquitoes, and is not a cure-all.

We must take responsibility to protect ourselves and our family members. You can best protect yourself by remembering the 4 D’s to “fight the bite.” DRAIN standing water, avoid being outside around DUSK & DAWN, wear DEET insect repellant when outdoors, and DRESS in long sleeves and pants when outdoors.

In Highland Village we are known for our love of the outdoors and we want you to continue to enjoy your outdoor activities. We just need to be smart about it. We have had one case of WNV reported in Highland Village. It’s my wish to finish this season with no other cases. Let’s all do our part to keep ourselves and our families safe.

As I close out this message, I would be remiss if I didn’t inform you of the many ways you can stay up to date on city news and events. Visit our website, highlandvillage.org, and click on Notify Me. From there you can sign up to receive emails on different topics of interest to you. Be the first to receive our press releases. Help plan your activities by receiving our calendar of events. And if you’re interested in action being considered by council or any of the other boards and commissions, you can sign up to receive notification of meeting agendas. And our city manager even has a blog. I hope you’ll check it out.


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