Athleticism runs in the family

A little over 13 years ago I experienced a game changer in my life. I miscarried what would have been our third child. It was the year I was turning 30. My husband’s career in professional baseball was at the pinnacle of his success. I was at the epitome of my personal health. I knew I needed to do something to reverse my habits and renew my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength.

That began what has continued to be an ongoing transformation for me. I was done with excuses. I wanted to live my best life now. One of the many healthy habits I intentionally pursued was regular exercise. I ran in college so I began to pick that up again. Then I found my way into a gym. Not understanding how to use any of the equipment properly, I hired a personal trainer. Over the years, I have been blessed to work with some amazing fitness professionals. I have tried numerous programs, classes and spent countless hours with experts from all over the U.S.

My motto is, “Do all that I can. Trust God with the results.” I have worked my body well and not so well. Exercising isn’t my favorite way to spend my time, but I know it’s necessary for my optimal health. I realized three things.  I need someone looking for me to show up, and calling me when I don’t. I enjoy people and I especially enjoy the outdoors. This past January, God blessed me with my personal trifecta, Argyle Boot Camp. I sure wasn’t prepared for the tremendous gift of this class.

I had heard for years about a fantastic trainer with a zillion certifications who was holding a boot camp in the parking lot of my church and our kid’s school. After my wonderful outdoor kettle bell class cancelled, I needed another form of strength training, and didn’t want to go back to a gym. I wanted to be outdoors. I love seeing the stars and the moon shine before sunrise and watching the sun come up.  It’s one of the greatest gifts of my day. It awakens my soul with gratitude and ignites my spirit with the privilege of life.

I decided to give Argyle Boot Camp a try because it was outside. Unfortunately, in January, it was below 40 degrees most days, so we were on the Liberty Christian school basketball courts. Gag, I thought. Oh, but no. It was quite the opposite.

Kelli Calabrese, a.k.a. the dream trainer and motivator, pushes me both emotionally and physically in ways that I have never been pushed before. Never. Each day holds a new challenge.

Just when I think my muscles have nothing else to offer, she changes the muscle group and my strength is reborn. I can do another set, another rep, run one more step. Each class leaves my body completely maxed, yet somehow invigorated! Kelli motivates, calls each person in class by name, recognizes individual strengths and celebrates even the smallest of victories. I look forward to what she’ll have for us. It’s been absolutely amazing. Right here in little Argyle, we get to experience one of the nation’s greatest trainers. It’s beyond incredible.

Even with Kelli’s awesome classes, I don’t always feel like waking at 5am, but Argyle Boot Camp is nothing I want to miss. With this in mind, I place my alarm clock across the room so that I’ll be required to get up to turn it off. I lay out all of my exercise clothes, so that I can dress easily and slip out the door without waking anyone.

I plan for success and then execute it. I guess that’s what Kelli does too. With a dose of love, hope and wisdom, Kelli Calabrese is leading the early risers of the Argyle community to better living. She has a plan for each individual’s health and wellness. She’s there each morning, five days a week to help us live our best lives now. I’m forever grateful. When you join us, I know you will be too!

Coach Kelli shares, “Michele is a dream client. I knew when she came to camp that she was fit and had expert instruction in the past.  Then we took her fitness, body and performance to a new level.  She looked fabulous before, but now, she looks like an elite athlete!  She is setting a fantastic example for her young family of five all of which are involved in various sports.  She is an extraordinary role model for working and stay at home moms. Her beauty and strength shine from the inside out.  Michele continues to set goals to run long distance and exceed her former performances.  Michele and John Wetteland are excellent examples of what’s possible when you have outstanding physical health.  They have energy to spare in giving back to our community.”

For more information, go to, e-mail [email protected] or call 817-490-1296.  Michele Wetteland is a local children’s author, Mary Kay Independent Senior Sales Director, mother of five & wife to Texas Ranger John Wetteland.


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