Argyle animal rescue group aids abused equines

Argyle-based Ranch Hand Rescue recently took possession of six neglected horses from a court-ordered seizure in Garza County, Texas.

Two of the six are critical condition and near death, according to Bob Williams with Ranch Hand Rescue.

Garza County contacted Williams because of Ranch Hand Rescue’s expertise in criminal cases as well as their record of dealing with farm animals suffering from severe neglect.

“Ranch Hand Rescue is known for taking the worst of the worst, the ones no one else will. These horses have been beaten and neglected,” said Williams.

Blood panels and assessments are currently underway and Williams moved the two critical care horses to its facility in Argyle late last Friday night. 

The Garza County Sheriff’s Department and the Garza County District Attorney are expected to pursue criminal charges in this case.

“We desperately need to raise awareness about this issue of animal abuse and neglect,” said Williams. “People need to know that we will insist on prosecuting every single case we are involved in to the full extent of the law.”

Williams said that the drought has caused hay prices to remain at record levels and feed prices continue to rise, putting pressure on equine owners.

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