City schedules mosquito spraying operations

The City of Highland Village will conduct mosquito spraying operations in neighborhoods experiencing high concentrations of mosquitoes on Thursday night, July 5.

Spraying will begin after 10:30 p.m. and conclude before 4 a.m. on both dates.

The Denton County Health Department has confirmed one case of West Nile disease in Highland Village and some areas of the city are experiencing high concentrations of mosquitoes, city officials said Tuesday.

The areas to be sprayed include the Castlewood subdivision, the Clearwater subdivision, Caitlin Street and Craig Circle in the Highland Shores subdivision, a portion of the Briarhill subdivision from Silverthorne Street to Rosedale to Creekside and Woodside, and along Sellmeyer Lane from Lower Sellmeyer Park to Bexar Street.

The city will notify the neighborhoods with community signs and a phone call on July 5 from the Connect CTY system.

Residents living in the areas to be sprayed are advised to minimize exposure when possible. If residents are outside or in a vehicle during this time, be alert for the spraying truck and maintain your distance. The following precautionary steps are also advisable:

·         If possible, stay indoors during spray events
·         If the spray contacts skin or eyes, wash skin with soap and water, and rinse eyes with water or saline solution
·         Cover fish ponds and bring pets indoors
·         Close windows
·         Wash outside toys, play equipment, and furniture with soap and water prior to use
·         Wash exposed fruits and vegetables before eating

There are no special precautions or waiting periods recommended for swimming pools.

City staff will continue to conduct additional inspections and monitor the area after treatment. Highland Village uses integrated pest control methods for mosquito concerns including inspections of the city for high populations, larvicidal treatment of any potential mosquito breeding areas, and increased educational efforts.

The insecticide used in spraying is applied at ultra-low levels, breaks down quickly, and does not leave a toxic residue, city officials said. For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 972-899-5091.

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