Doggies paddle in pet pool

The “dog” days of summer might not be so bad this year for our four-legged friends in southern Denton County.

American Pet Spa & Resort has created a Swimming Pool for dogs to go and cool off, and owner Marty Polasko said so far, it has made a big “splash.”

“I used to have two pools, a shallow one and a deeper one that was on a deck,” Polasko said. “But there was something about that little step off the deck that made them [the dogs] nervous, so I put in an inground pool with a beach entrance. The dogs go in without hesitation, it has helped so much.

“The dogs absolutely love it. They just walk right in, they walk out, they wade, they swim— it has just been a real pleasure.”

Polasko said that he got the idea based on the fact that the dogs were hesitating once they got to the water’s edge with the previous pools, something he would not see them do at a lake or pond.

“I think I was just looking to nature,” Polasko said. “Once they got used to the pools, they really loved them, but there was that first step that was hard for them to get past. With this pool, we have really just almost eliminated that, which is fabulous.”

The pool basically goes from a zero degree pitch down to two feet over a span of about eight feet. After about eight or nine feet, it drops off to four feet for the “swimmers.”

“They can swim in the deep area, come back, walk out and it’s really fun to watch them,” Polasko said.

“What’s nice is that it has really opened it up for owners to come in and sit with them and play or work with them.”

Polasko said the new pool was first introduced on Memorial Day Weekend, and said he is currently offering an introductory special, where customers can join their Pool Club. 

Their pets will enjoy 10 sessions, 30 minutes in length in the pool, for a total of $89.99.  The offer is good until July 30, 2012. They also offer swimming packages at a great value for the boarding pets.

Polasko said the response from his customers has been phenomenal, and said it is important for dogs to be able to have a place to go and cool off.

“They love it,” Polasko said. “Our customers who have dogs that like to swim really love the idea. As people get to see it more and more, I think we are attracting some new folks as well.  We are working every day to continue to offer our customers the very best for their pets and are proud to add the new pool to our amenities.

“Pets get the same benefits that we do as far as cooling off while they are in the pool. Another great thing is that, with larger breed dogs like labs, as they get to be eight or nine, they are still active, but their weight takes its toll on their back and joints. Giving them the swim time, you give them all the exercise without any of the pounding.”

Polasko added that water therapy is a fantastic rehabilitation for many pets but pet owners should always work with their veterinarian for guidance.

D Magazine has named American Pet Spa & Resort the “Best Place to Board your Pet” Visit or call (940) 464-3300 for more information.


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