Argyle man loses 8 inches on his waist and feels alive again

On Christmas 2011, Roger Tyson decided it was time to get on the scale and face reality. The reminders from both his wife and doctor about weight and high blood pressure were concerning.  For as long as he could remember, his friends endearingly referred to him as “Tubs”. 

As he watched the scale tip at nearly 250 pounds that was the moment he realized he weighed almost double what he should.   Corporate America had been good to his career, but not his body. 

As a father and grandfather, just months away from his 60th birthday and enjoying the success of turning his Porsche car hobby into an international business, he had a serious talk with himself. He decided that leaning on the crutch of high blood pressure being hereditary was not serving him if he wanted to live a long and productive life.  He made up his mind to do something about his health.

In the past he had tried diets and drinking less wine, but it didn’t work.  Roger knew he had to exercise.  He wanted something he would have a regular commitment to because the gym was too easy to skip.  For years he had been reading the testimonials of the people who had participated in Argyle Adventure Boot Camp, but he was afraid it was going to be too tough and he would be too embarrassed.  He had never done an exercise class.  We communicated and I assured him it was for all ages, all sizes and all abilities.  He decided to give it a try. 

Roger recalls, “From the first morning on Monday, January 2, 2012, everyone was friendly and I was encouraged to go at my own pace.  I quickly realized I was just like everyone else working to be their best.  I was put at ease very quickly. 

“Variations were given for every level.  I knew from the first day I could do it and I could do it daily. This would be the best way to not only drop the 50 pounds, but to do it permanently and get fit at the same time.”

Roger recalls, “Within 30 days I felt like a new man.  I lost 10 pounds, 7.25 inches and 16 percent body fat.  I knew I was on the right path.  My only regret was that I didn’t start 10 years sooner. I felt alive!  My allergies were less of an issue.  Based on the good advice I received in the daily e-mails from Coach Kelli, I changed how I ate.  I used to skip breakfast and have a large lunch and larger dinner.  Now I have organic berries and porridge after boot camp and smaller meals throughout the day with lots of vegetables.  I have energy all day long.”

Six months later, Roger is down 38 pounds and looks as well as moves like an athlete.  His waist is down 8 inches and he enjoys wearing the smallest clothes in his closet with his shirt tucked in.  His goal is to hit 50 pounds lost by the end of August and then reset his goal from 200 pounds to 185. 

Roger reports, “My friends are working on a new nickname since Tubs no longer fits. They are astonished at my accomplishments.  I used to wear an XXL shirt hanging out over my big belly.  Now I am tucking a size large into my 36’s and feeling fantastic.  I would tell anyone who has been making excuses or waiting for the right time to come and give it a try.  You have to!  It saved my life.  I am totally convinced of it. Put aside your fears and come out to see what great coaching and a friendly environment can do for you.  I will be there. I am addicted”.

As for his family, Roger’s wife Zane said she has a new man who has energy to spare.  He admits his girls still have an occasional soda, but want fruit too – especially his 16 year old who craves blackberries.  He is leaving a legacy for his girls to make healthy choices.

I can tell Roger has a new appreciation of life and health.  The physical transformation has been extraordinary.  You can see development in his muscles which proves that at any age, physical betterment and even muscle definition is possible.  High blood pressure will no longer be an issue for Roger since taking responsibility for his health. He will be starting his 60th year healthier than his 50th. Not many people can say that!

Kelli Calabrese, MS is the International Master Trainer for Adventure Boot Camp and the coach for the Argyle camp.  She is a 25 year clinical exercise physiologist with 25 certifications in exercise, weight loss, lifestyle management and clinical exercise specialties.  She is also an executive with Isagenix – the world leader in clinical nutrition and is a founder of Beyond Organic home delivered organic food., 817-490-1296, [email protected]


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