Parkey is as good as gold

I’ve known Sheriff Benny Parkey for three decades, working closely with him on many criminal cases and studying martial arts. We have hunted robbers, rapists and killers together and I learned to trust him with my life, as I would trust him with the lives of folks in Denton County.

In short, Benny Parkey is as good as gold. He has a strong sense of justice and right and wrong. He is a fine, Texas law officer first and foremost in his soul.

Sheriff Benny Parkey has built a great agency with a command staff of a retired FBI supervisor, a Texas Ranger and many other veteran police officers. As I personally know many of these people top to bottom, I know morale is high. Competence is very high. There are no scandals. There is absolutely no need to change the positive direction Benny Parkey has driven the department. No need at all.

Sheriff Benny Parkey has already garnered the endorsements of most of the Republican groups and law enforcement groups in the county. I say most, only because he hasn’t had the chance to get around to the rest of them yet.

You need to vote to keep Sheriff Benny Parkey the Sheriff of Denton County in the May 29 Republican primary election.

W. Hock Hochheim
Allen, TX

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