Qualities make Hayden right person to lead town

Mr. Hayden:  You have been in direct contact with many of my neighbors here in Pecan Acres.  Business travels have kept me from attending the various meetings regarding the West Windsor Extension, but I thought I should share my observations with you:

Lynn and I moved to Pecan Acres in the fall of 2009 from another neighborhood in Flower Mound.  We moved here with the full knowledge that we would be very near the flood plain border.  We knew that the roads are made of asphalt and are narrow.  We knew that a lot of wildlife from Timber Creek would find its way to our yard – especially at night.  We knew there were no sidewalks and no curbs or gutters, but rather culverts under the driveways.  We knew that there is a single entrance/exit to the neighborhood.  We knew there was no natural gas service to the neighborhood.

In many respects, Pecan Acres is very deficient with respect to the standards for new residential areas in Flower Mound.  We knew all this before moving here.  In fact, we view many of these things as positive aspects rather than negative.  We love the rustic look and feel and yet we are right off FM2499. 

After moving in, we discovered our neighbors share these views and, in fact, some cherish them even more than us.  We also found a real bond with our neighbors as they all chose this area in which to raise their families, live their lives and/or retire.

We were also aware of the West Windsor Extension project, but believed that the city would choose the right course of action and leave our tiny little haven alone.  That, as it turns out, was an assumption that we should not have made so easily.  But thanks largely to you, we look forward to years of continued tranquility here in Pecan Acres.  Your successful efforts not only assured us of a continued “pursuit of happiness”, but also revealed important aspects of your character:

You respect the rights of individuals to make their own decisions.  Others on the town council appear were trying to force a “cookie cutter” solution to the West Windsor Extension project.  While I appreciate their high standards for future development, their condescending attitude toward the folks in the existing Pecan Acres was uncalled for.  You listened to my neighbors and actually visited the area to get a full perspective on the issues.

You understand that the government does not always need to solve our problems.  In this case, the “problem” was only a perception.  The arrogance on the part of some of the town council that they alone should dictate a solution and “protect us from ourselves” was very disheartening.  It is refreshing to see you rail against the “nanny state” mentality that has overrun so many aspects of our lives.

You provided tremendous leadership.  The folks in Pecan Acres do not have a lot of political weight.  We are not many, wealthy or influential.  Yet you took it upon yourself to quietly enlighten others on the council to what you had learned and effectively carried the day for Pecan Acres.  From my perspective, you acted only on your understanding of the situation and a solid set of values.  No politics were visible – we certainly had no political capital to barter!  Yet you took it upon yourself to champion our cause – and you were very effective!

I understand you are running for Mayor of Flower Mound.  You can count on the votes from this household and certainly this neighborhood.  I am also spreading the word to my friends in town.  Could I get a few yard signs?  I will make sure they are prominently displayed in some friends yards in town.  Good luck in your campaign!!

Kelly Casey
Flower Mound, TX

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