Denton ISD needs Barbara Burns

Denton’s strong system of public education faces multiple challenges and requires a knowledgeable, hard-working school board.  Such a board needs dynamic, committed members willing to give generously of their time and efforts to make the absolute best decisions for our schools, our teachers, and our students.  Denton ISD needs Barbara Burns as a board member.

I’ve known Barbara for more than 25 years:  I’ve taught with her, lived in the same neighborhood, worshiped at the same church, and I’ve witnessed the dedication she brings to all that she does.

During her years at Denton High and Ryan High, Barbara was known for her remarkable organizational skills; her regular and AP social studies experienced multiple learning opportunities.  Barbara led the Renaissance program which brings tangible recognition not only to the best academic students but also to those who exhibit positive behaviors and attitudes.  Barbara respects students.

Barbara taught by example.  While teaching and sponsoring school organizations, she also made time to attend city council meetings and school board meetings.  She invited her students to attend and encouraged their participation in government.  Meanwhile she remained involved in her own children’s education and extracurricular activities.

Now that Barbara has had a few years of active retirement, she’s willing to give even more of herself to the children of DISD.  The experience, the knowledge, and the willingness to work and to learn that she will bring to our board are unmatchable.  Please join me in voting for Barbara Burns.

Jane Welborn
Denton, TX

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