Nothing new about NFL

The definition of the word “new” is familiar to most of us.  The dictionary defines it as “something that we haven’t seen before, had or used before.”   Something that is “new” holds the promise of better things, or at the very least, different than what you currently have.

The trio called the NFL (Melissa Northern, Al Filidoro, Steve Lyda) are currently running for reelection to Flower Mound’s Town Council.  However, they seem to be working with a different definition of the word “new” from the rest of us.

After being in office for two years, the NFL has slapped the slogan “New Flower Mound Leadership” all over town. Now while it might be cute because of the obvious play on their initials, many are asking, “What the heck are these three talking about?”  There is nothing new about them.  Northern and Lyda have served on council for two years, while Filidoro has chalked up five years.   There only “new” thing about the trio is “new” rhetoric.  And as far as I can tell, that is about it.
Even more confusing is Mayor Northern’s campaign sign that reads: “A New Direction”.  But a review of the campaign materials and her website does not support Northern’s stated intent to go in a different direction.  The materials support the same direction we’ve traveled for the last two years – nowhere. 
I don’t want two more years of respected companies like Kroger being denied the opportunity to invest over $14 million in Flower Mound (not to mention adding new employees), land owners being stonewalled when they would like to develop prime lake front property, and a toxic environment at Town Hall.  Go to the FMTV section of the town’s website if you want to see it first hand.
I don’t want more empty nesters to have to continue to leave Flower Mound like my parents did (after 25 years here).  Short of care facilities and apartments, we have no options for those who cannot or simply don’t want the rigors of single-family home maintenance anymore.  This is all denied under the guise of “high density”, yet we continue to build apartment complexes.  This is a travesty, and if you want to see what a good option looks like, please see the condos at the Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine.  That would be “new” to Flower Mound.
I’m tired of watching our retail tax dollars going to our neighboring towns that have clearer strategies and reasonable collaboration with developers.  “New” is a term I’d like to see regarding Flower Mound’s SMARTGrowth strategy, which according to the town’s website has not been updated or amended since July 15th, 2002.  I work in a highly competitive business environment where plans like this adapt quickly to changing environments or they fail.  The NFL trio has had two years to make significant progress in this area, and in my assessment, we’ve gone backwards.
So what’s up with the slogans?  I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure that the NFL does understand the meaning of the word “new.”   So why use these slogans implying that there is something “new” when there is nothing new at all?

The NFL used these exact slogans during the 2010 election.  So to all of you that have been wondering what is “new” about the NFL, the answer is nothing.  Not even their slogans.

Blake Benney
Flower Mound, TX

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