OrthoTexas Outstanding Student – Mason Capps

Hilltop Elementary School third grader Mason Capps is a Jack of all trades.

A straight A student, baseball player and Argyle Booster Club member amongst other things, Capps is getting it done inside of the classroom and out.

Mason’s mother, Elizabeth, said her son is able to take on so much because he is organized and because he has a little help.

“He has a mom that will do anything for her kids,” Elizabeth laughed. “We just make it work.”

Elizabeth said, when it comes to choosing which activities Mason gets involved in, that’s another story.

“He chooses what he wants to do,” Elizabeth said. “He likes to try different activities. He was in Chess Club, but decided to devote more time to soccer, baseball and basketball.

“We kind of talk about different things and kind of get his feedback on why he wants to participate in something, and we explain to him what the time commitment will be, and most of the time he does it.”

Mason said he is so involved because he enjoys the things he does.

“I like all the things that I do,” Mason said. “I like staying busy.”

Mason said that of all the things he likes to do, baseball is his favorite, and said it can be challenging to stay organized and on top of everything, but he credits one quality to helping him maintain such a busy schedule and doing well in school.

“I have a really good memory,” Mason said. “In class, I think really hard, and I take my time.”

Mason said he likes going to Hilltop because he gets to spend time with his friends, and said his teachers, Mrs. Fife, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Downe are all “really nice.”

Mason’s favorite book series is “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” and he has perfect attendance at school.

Elizabeth said that it means a lot to her that her son is so well rounded and so dedicated to being a good student.

“He is incredible, because he has been through a lot,” Elizabeth said. “It blows my mind how well adjusted and resilient and strong he is. I’ve even said, ‘you know honey, you’ve had kind of a rough week, do you want to take the day off?’ and he’ll say, ‘no mom, I want perfect attendance, because that’s important to me.’ It just amazes me.”

Mason’s Favorites:
Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Past time: Video Games or Watching Television
Favorite Lunch Meal: Pizza
What He Wants to Be: Professional Basketball Player

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