The big payoff

The Children’s Advocacy Center for Denton County (CACDC) recently paid off the construction loan on its 14,000 sq. ft. facility in Lewisville, which will allow the agency to expand services despite unexpected funding challenges.

CACDC started planning for the new facility in 2001.  After reinventing its fundraising, the agency began construction in 2008.  

In June 2009, staff moved into the new facility with a $750,000 mortgage note.  

Over the past three years, CACDC received a $150,000 grant from Speedway Children’s Charities, a $50,000 grant from Exxon Foundation, fulfillment of donor pledges, and an additional $325,000 from the agency’s three annual Champions for Children Galas. 

“This building has been a blessing for so many children and families that need help during a difficult time in their lives, and it has certainly helped our staff and team to be even better equipped to provide justice and healing for abused children,” said Dan Leal, Executive Director.

Despite overwhelming community support to help pay off the building, CACDC has seen its share of challenges. 

During the harsh winter of 2011, the agency faced a flooding crisis when a pipe broke in the attic, interrupting services to clients for three weeks. 

Over the past several months, the non-profit agency has seen several funding sources either disappear or become threatened, including learning it will not receive 2012 grant funding from the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas.  In addition, state and federal funding are being threatened by issues beyond the control of the agency, accordind to Leal.

“Despite these funding curve balls, the community has responded in so many ways to help us retire the mortgage debt and continue to fund the increase in services.  We have seen a rise in community interest and volunteers since this building was constructed,” Leal said.

The agency intends to hire a full-time bilingual services coordinator to its staff in May.  In addition, the agency has been able to increase the capacity of its Denton facility by moving into a 3,000 square foot counseling office in February. 

“We are so grateful that the Lewisville building is paid in full, but the issue of child sexual abuse is not going away.  More local support will be needed to help offset the loss of United Way and other grants so we can help the increasing number of abused children in our county.” Leal said.

In 2011 alone, the agency conducted 705 forensic interviews of children suspected of having been abused and provided over 9,000 counseling services to abused children and their family members. 

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