Lantana enacts water restrictions

Mandatory watering restrictions go into effect Thursday in Lantana under their Stage 2 Drought Contingency Plan.

Landscape watering in the development is limited to no more than twice per week and prohibited between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Customers with an address ending in an even digit can water only on Sundays and Thursdays. Customer’s addresses ending in an odd number can run sprinklers only on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Kevin Mercer, Lantana general manager and representative to the board of the Upper Trinity Regional Water district, said that some of Upper Trinity’s water is purchased from Dallas Water Utilities, and Dallas has passed on restrictions to Upper Trinity’s municipal customers.

“We have to oblige by their drought contingency plans. We are bound by contract,” said Mercer.

“Right now the lakes are in good shape, but this is a precautionary move based on a bleak outlook for this summer.”

Mercer said that residents can still wash their cars and water around foundations using a hand held or soaker hose.

Fresh Water District board members recently approved changes to their Drought Contingency Plan that included the addition of a 10 percent surcharge for excessive water use when the community is under mandatory water conservation restrictions along with a reconnect fee if the district has to disconnect a customer for repeated violations.

This is the first time in the history of Lantana that mandatory water restrictions have been implemented.  Lantana’s first residents moved into the development in July 2001.

For more information visit or call the Fresh Water District office at 940-728-5050.


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