Mayor's race draws second candidate

A second candidate has filed to run for the mayor’s seat in Flower Mound this May.

Alan “Al” Cloud has joined the race that includes sitting Councilman Tom Hayden and is expected to draw current Mayor Melissa Northern to seek a second term.

Cloud, 56, said his main platform is slowing down growth in the community he has called home for the past 11 years.

“As I drive around town I see new construction sites, for sale signs, or a coming soon sign on every empty space and available corner. I believe that it is time to say “Enough is Enough,” said Cloud.

“We need to slow down on the growth and “Keep Flower Mound Beautiful.”

Cloud said the preserving trees is one of his priorities.

“We do not Keep Flower Mound Beautiful by cutting down trees and putting up more buildings.  When new buildings are being built the town says that as many trees as possible must be saved.  And the developers must plant new trees.  But the replacement trees are small.  We end up destroying the older trees that define our beautiful town,” said Cloud. 

“We are also destroying the last of the natural habitat, forcing cyotes and other wild animals into our neighborhoods, causing further problems, not only to us, but putting our pets in danger.”

Cloud believes that budgeting more conservatively could offset the slowing of economic growth in town.

“I realize that tax revenues are important to our town.  I do not believe it needs to come from further growth or natural gas drilling, but by better control on spending, which has run rampant in the last two years.”

Cloud stated that he is retired but used to work at the Valero gas station at FM 1171 and FM 2499, and although he may not be as well known as the other candidate, he knows a lot of people in town, including many police officers and would strive to have “the finest police and fire departments in the Metroplex.”

Cloud added that common sense and honesty is what he feels he would bring to bring to the mayor’s office.   

“I am running for you, the citizens of Flower Mound.  If I am elected Mayor, my door will always be open. I want to encourage your input.  If you have a suggestion for an improvement, or a complaint, or a problem, let me know.  I will take it to the council meetings and I will do my best to give you a resolution or a fair response in a timely manner. We will work together to improve the Town of Flower Mound and make our town the best place to live.”

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