CTG Cool Kid: Harrison Long

At the ripe old age of 10 years, Harrison Long has already decided what he would like to do for a living when he grows up.

The E.P. Rayzor Elementary school student does not want to be a ball player or fireman—he’s looking for something a little more scholarly.

“I want to be a Paleontologist,” Harrison said. “I like digging for stuff. I love rocks and dinosaurs.”

Harrison plays baseball, is a Cub Scout and is on the A/B Honor roll at E.P. Rayzor as well.

The fourth grader said his favorite activity is baseball and said the secret to his academic success is twofold.

“I’m smart, and I study hard,” Harrison said. “My favorite subject in school is math. I also like the special classes like P.E. and Art. They’re fun, and we get to do a lot of other things.”

Michelle Long, Harrison’s mother, said her son’s involvement in activities has been a joint effort between her and Harrison and said he is really starting to hit his stride.

“It’s probably half and half,” Michelle said. “It’s a little bit of both. He tends to be shy sometimes and just needs a little bit of encouragement, but he’s really starting to want to be more involved, now.”

Michelle said she is quite proud of Harrison’s effort towards his school work and extra curricular activities and wants to see him continue on this path.

“It’s great, and it’s really a sigh of relief,” Michelle said. “You always worry about your kids. You want them to be good kids and do well, so it’s very comforting. I hope he stays on the right track.”

Harrison is from Bartonville and his teacher at E.P. Rayzor is Mrs. Darthard.

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