Double Oak Police Calls

Recent calls reported by the Double Oak Police Department:

01-17-2012  6:51 p.m. – Suspicious Circumstances – 100 blk. Lake Trail Dr. – A resident reported persons removing items from a home.  Upon further investigation it was determined to be residents moving furniture.

01-19-2012  3:55 p.m. – Noise Complaint – 200 blk. Fox Trot Ln. – Complainant reported that his neighbor was playing music too loudly.

01-21-2012  3:11 a.m. – Assist Agency (Traffic Stop) – 600 blk. U.S. Hwy 377, Argyle – Double Oak Officer assisted Argyle PD with a vehicle search.

01-21-2012  4:11 a.m. – Assist Agency (Intoxicated Person) – 700 blk. Bradford St., Lantana – Double Oak responded to assist Deputies an intoxicated person in public call.

01-21-2012  6:43 a.m. – Assist Agency (Disturbance) – 8000 blk. Weston, Lantana – Double Oak responded to assist Deputies on a disturbance call.

01-23-2012  7:53 p.m. – Assist Agency (Disturbance) – 2600 blk. F.M. 407, Bartonville – Double Oak Police assisted Bartonville with response to a disturbance.  All parties left prior to law enforcement arrival.

01-23-2012  7:46 p.m. – Suspicious Circumstance – 200 blk. Whistling Duck Ln. – A witness reported a man parking an unfamiliar brown Dodge Durango, exiting the vehicle and walking away into the darkness.  Further investigation revealed the driver had parked and gone jogging through the neighborhood.

01-23-2012  9:11 p.m. – Accident – Chinn Chapel Rd. – Two vehicles had a minor collision within the City limits of Flower Mound.

01-24-2012  6:18 p.m. – Suspicious Vehicle – 200 blk. Lake Trail Ct. – A resident reported a strange truck being parked in the neighborhood.  Upon further investigation it was determined that the truck belonged to a local roofing contractor.

01-25-2012  9:19 a.m. – High Water – 300 blk. Kings Rd. – A concerned citizen reported water flowing over Kings Rd.  Officers responded and cleared the drain of debris.

01-26-2012  3:15 p.m – Suspicious Person – Lusk Ln., Flower Mound – A witness reported an adult male flagging down cars.  Officers made contact with the subject and gave him a ride home.

01-26-2012  1:26 p.m. – Reckless Driving – 100 blk. Hawk Crest Ln. – A resident reported reckless driving in their neighborhood during school bus pickup hours.

01-26-2012  7:39 p.m. – Assist Agency – 2500 blk. Justin Rd. – Double Oak Police assisted Denton Cnty Deputies with establishing a landing zone for a Care Flight helicopter.

01-27-2012  7:40 p.m. – Suspicious Circumstances – 200 blk. Whistling Duck Ln. – A resident was concerned that their Guest House had been entered without permission.  Officer searched the building and did not find any evidence of a crime.

01-27-2012  8:23 a.m. – Suspicious Circumstances – 100 blk. Trailing Oaks – A witness reported an unknown man sitting outside their residence in a vehicle.  Further investigation revealed it was a roofer waiting on co-workers.

01-27-2012  11:13 a.m. – Assist Officer – 300 blk. Jeter, Bartonville – Double Oak Officers were dispatched to check on the welfare of a Bartonville Officer who wasn’t answering his radio during the investigation of a suspicious person call.

01-27-2012  3:01 a.m. – Assist Agency – 800 blk. Cobble Stone Hill Dr., Argyle – Assisted Argyle PD with a traffic stop and arrest.

01-29-2012  10:54 p.m. – Assist Agency – 200 blk. Green Oaks, Bartonville – Responded to a disturbance call with Bartonville PD.  No action taken.

01-29-2012  3:08 p.m. – Animal Bite – 400 blk. Cross Timbers – Family dog bit a child and animal control was notified.

01-30-2012  12:09 p.m. – Animal Complaint – 200 blk. Whistling Duck Rd. – A skunk was chasing the family dog.   Animal control responded to the residence.

02-01-2012  8:55 a.m. – Arrest – 100 blk. McMakin Rd. – A Double Oak Officer made a traffic stop for no seatbelt.  During the conduct of the stop subject, a 26 year male, initially lied about his name and was found to have an active warrant of arrest for Driving While Intoxicated.  He was taken into custody and also charged with Failure To Identify While A Fugitive From Justice.

02-02-2012  7:24 p.m. – Assist Agency – 1000 blk. Maple Dr., Bartonville – Double Oak Officer assisted Bartonville Officer with a death investigation involving and adult male.

02-02-2012  11:24 p.m. – Assist Agency – 400 blk. Goodnight Trail, Argyle – Double Oak Officer assisted Argyle PD with investigation of a family disturbance.

02-04-2012  8:12 p.m. – Assist Agency – 9300 blk. Hilltop Rd., Denton County – A Double Oak Officer assisted Denton County Sheriff’s Deputy with a reckless driver call that eventually resulted in the arrest of a wanted felon.

02-05-2012  10:03 a.m. – Traffic Complaint – 7800 blk. FM 407 – Officer responded to a complaint of erratic driving and found a person needing medical assistance.

02-05-2012  8:23 p.m. – Shots Fired – 6300 blk. Kings Rd. – Officer responded to a shots fired complaint but was unable to locate the shooter.

02-05-2012  12:41 a.m. – Assist Agency (Suspicious Person) – 800 blk. Golf Club Dr., Lantana – Double Oak Officer assisted with searching Lantana for a suspicious person.

02-06-2012  1:58 p.m. – 3800 blk. Prairie Ct. – A resident reported problems with a car title transfer and possible identity theft.

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