C. Stroup – Valentine Smalentine!

Sounds a bit bah humbug, huh?  Well that was my intention since it seems to me that the benefit for this holiday (made up one at that) goes to the store owners, candy stores, to include Whitman’s and old Russell Stover’s just for starters.  Stuffed animals and the real deal like live bunnies, kittens and puppies thrill any recipient.  

While I’m sure there really is a St. Valentine out there in the history of holidays I’m not at all sure what it was he did to get such recognition. Are you in the know on this one?  Please contact me through the Gazette and enlighten me on his strong points.  Thanks.

Can’t complain when cupid fires and arrow in my direction and attached on the end is a gift for Cindy.  I’ve asked that this year it be a nice small houseplant, preferably artificial in nature since I tend to over water cactus and after a while the other plants burst out in song doing the latest rendition of “How dry I am!”  This they do as they wilt over the sides of their containers.  It’s a shame but I guess I’m just not very aware when it comes to things getting parched and needing a good watering unless, it’s my own throat that’s dry.

For my husband’s Valentine treat I bought him a small box of chocolate candy in a red heart shaped box.  Really cute and the candy is name brand.

He’s very sentimental so I’m quite certain that his gift for me will reflect his feelings.  We’ve been married 40 years.  And good years they’ve been…we’ve had God’s hand guiding us.

A nice touch would be a steak dinner for two at Ruth Chris on Valentine’s evening.  I’ve lived here all these years and never visited the place, not once.  Oh well, now’s my chance.  I have friends who claim the steaks are melt in your mouth delicious and my mouth is watering as I type this, slurping and licking my lips.

What comes next is my rendition of how a very self-absorbed person would go about getting what he/she wants for their V-Day.  Shame on them for being so full of themselves.  Tsk! Tsk!

In thinking about retailers this time of year it inspired me to write a little ditty regarding my true feelings on the subject of Valentine’s Day.  Now don’t get all upset because you think I’m just a material girl~~~ this is just for fun!

“Buy” My Valentine!

Don’t just say your love is true.
Show me what I mean to you.
Shower me with silk and gold
Or diamond if you must be bold.

I have a void within my heart
That makes me feel we’ve grown apart.
I know a brand new fur or two
Would help me change my point of view.

Or maybe even better yet,
How about a new corvette?
Although it seems I ask a lot,
It’s what I want, not what I’ve got.

In honor of old Cupid’s bow
Kindly set my heart aglow.
Warm me with a special gift…Perfume, perchance?  Just take a whiff!
Please no candy wrapped in red. New suede boots will do instead.
Make it costly at any price.
If the gift is right I’ll sure be nice!

So, My Darling, please take heed.
Give me what I want, not need.
On Valentine’s just let me say…
“To have my true love, a price you’ll pay!”

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