Butcher shop is a cut above

The Old Town Market in Lewisville has been serving up some of the best cuts of meat in the Southern Denton county area for more than 30 years, and for owner Shawn Knowles, he is simply carrying on a family tradition.

Old Town Market was started by Knowles’ father, Bob Knowles, and fellow businessman Dickie Grant in 1977, and Shawn said one thing that has never changed is the shop’s commitment to meeting each and every one of its customers needs.

“I had to walk here every day after school let out and clean this place, and I hated it with a passion! And that’s how I got started working here,” Knowles jokingly said.

Knowles worked for his father and Grant as a high school student at Lewisville High School, and in 2009, Shawn and Sharon Knowles became the owners.

Knowles said he believes there are a couple of things that sets Old Town apart from the rest.

“The biggest thing that my father and Dickie grilled into anybody that worked here was that when a customer walks through the door, there is nothing more important in this world than them,” Knowles said.

“You sell a quality product a reasonable price. You can’t compete with grocery stores. But you can’t walk into a grocery store and expect somebody to carry on a conversation and call you by name every time you come in, either.”

Knowles said one of the things that makes him feel the best is when he is able to help his customers in a very personal way.

“I always love to hear people compliment the product that we serve and the quality of it,” Knowles said. “I’ve got one lady that comes in here every week, her and her husband. She, along with a couple of other customers, have kids that have to watch what they eat.

“They have an illness where they can’t eat any type of processed food. They can’t have a product that is going to age any more…and we have ways to seal these products that stops the aging process. We’re able to work with them, and their kids have done much better.”

Old Town Market was nominated by D Magazine as the 2011 Best Meat Market in their Reader’s Choice Poll, and the market has recently introduced Ground Bison and Boerewors, a South African sausage, to their selection of meats, as well.

Old Town Market is located at 301 S. Mill Street in Old Town Lewisville. Contact Old Town Market at (972) 436-6742 or visit www.oldtownmkt.com for more information.

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