Sharing the Season

For the last three years, the American Pet Spa in Argyle has performed a very special service for the youngsters at the Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s home in Denton.

The company hosts a Christmas party each year for the children, and Bob Williams, head of Ranch Hand Rescue, said it is one of the events to which the kids look forward the most.

“When you see the smiles on the faces of these children who were abused and neglected as they interact and bond with the Ranch Had Rescue animals, you really get a warm feeling,” said Williams.

Williams said that the public can tour the resort during the holidays and make a donation if they so choose.

“Marty (Polasko, owner of American Pet Spa) has opened the resort up Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, and you would think that you were at the North Pole,” Williams said. “It’s beautiful with the lights he put up, and people can come and have cider and hot chocolate, and this is through the first of the year.”

Polasko said the party for the kids at Cumberland is something he feels is necessary for his business to put on.

“It’s part of my overall philosophy that whatever we are able to give back to the community is part of what we do,” Polasko said. “I think that’s a big component of why we are successful.”

American Pet Spa provides first-class boarding for dogs and cats as well as professional grooming and training services. The resort was also recently voted the Best Place to Board Your Pet by D Magazine.

Polasko said the children from Cumberland take a tour of the resort and see all of the animals, have a snack, and then Santa comes along and reads “The Night Before Christmas.”

“Before they get here, we get a list of what they really want,” Polasko said. “So we don’t guess at their presents, and we get help from individuals and sometimes stores will help us out with buying them. We’ve been blessed in that regard, too. We get their stuff set up for them beforehand and get it individualized for each child, because I want each one of them to feel special.”

Polasko said he hopes the party is an unforgettable experience for the youngsters and said every year he tries to make it “more spectacular.”

“I want these kids to experience that child’s memory of the magic of Christmas,” Polasko said. “The fact that there is a lot of love in the room, and a lot of laughter makes a lovely night out for them.

“They get to experience some of the traditions of how Christmas is celebrated in this part of the country, and they are as happy as can be because they usually have at least one present that they really wanted!”

Visit for more information or call (940) 464-3300 to make a donation or inquire about volunteering.

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