Argyle Police Blotter

The following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of The Cross Timbers Gazette:

An employee of Northstar Bank called police to report that an unknown man standing in a nearby wooded area was taking pictures of the bank. Police arrived and discovered that the man was a town employee.

Someone stole an air compressor from a septic system in the 1600 block of Hickory Hill Road.

A resident in the 700 block of Stonecrest Road said he had seen signs of a bobcat in the area and wanted to speak to a police officer. Police notified the Animal Control Officer.

Police dispatch took a call from a man on FM 407 who said he was teaching his 15-year old daughter how to drive when a pickup truck with roofing company signs on it almost ran them off the road. He followed the truck for several miles while on the phone with police and at one point the driver got out of the truck and ran towards the man’s vehicle before getting back in and speeding off. Police tried to find the reckless driver but were unable to locate him.

Items were stolen from four unlocked vehicles in the 200 block of Shenandoah Court. 

A woman in the 600 block of Manor Drive called police after a suspicious man came to her door asking about children in the area. The solicitor, described as man in his 20’s carrying a backpack, said he wanted to teach young kids about early voting. Police were unable to locate the man.

Police investigating a report of gunshots were told by a homeowner that he shot a cow that was having complications birthing a calf. He said coyotes had started to eat the cow and he had to put it down. The man was advised of the ordinance against discharging firearms in town limits.

An employee of Paradise Foods called police to report that a skunk was wandering around in the parking lot. The employee was worried because it didn’t seem to be afraid of people walking near it. An officer arrived and observed the skunk walk under a trailer home on Corral City Drive. The Animal Control Officer was called in to trap the animal.

Police investigated a theft report at Argyle High School where someone had stolen trash can lids.

An officer and Sheriff’s Deputy were called to a home on Country Lakes Blvd. to diffuse an argument between a 16-year-old boy and his mother that started when the boy would not help get their dirty dog off the couch.  The mother said the boy was combative when she tied to get him to go to his room. No assault occurred and no charges were filed.

A woman in the 600 block of Primrose Court called police to report that the same solicitor had come to her house three times on the same day claiming to be selling something for the town of Argyle. The man drove off before police arrived.

Police were summoned by a woman in the 100 block of Joyce Lane who said her 21-year-old son was threatening her after he was told he could not use the computer. She stated that he was not making any sense and acting insane. The woman said her son has a history of heroine use and was recently released from prison. The man left the house on foot before police arrived.

A man renovating a house in the 300 block of Shadow Wood Drive told police that the previous owner who had lost the house in foreclosure keeps showing up and trying to retrieve his personal belongings from the residence. Police agreed to closely patrol the house while the work was being done.

Police took numerous complaints from drivers on Frenchtown Road complaining about vehicles speeding and going the wrong way through the construction zone. 

A man drove his wife to the Argyle Police Station and requested a breathalyzer test for her because he thought she was intoxicated and wanted to drive. The man said he was unsure what his wife had been drinking but she was acting very strangely and tried to jump out of the vehicle while enroute to the police station.  The woman became very upset and began crying because she was afraid she was going to go to jail. The couple was checked out by officers and released to go home.

Police took a call from a repo driver asking for help with repossessing two cars from a house on W. Hickory Ridge Circle after finding a man sleeping on one of the cars with beer cans lying around him. He said that the Secret Service is also trying to serve the owner of the vehicles for securities fraud, but didn’t know if the passed out man was the wanted person.

Originally published in the November 2011 issues of The Cross Timbers Gazette


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