Flower Mound Kroger…YES!!!

For years, the residents of Flower Mound have been clamoring for improved shopping options. Survey after survey has confirmed that residents are tired of driving to surrounding communities to shop.

The Kroger store at FM1171 & FM2499 is a cornerstone retailer in Flower Mound. Since 1995, Kroger has been an integral part of our community. Now, Kroger wants to spend $14 million to expand this store and significantly upgrade our shopping options. The expansion includes providing upgraded features, more departments and product variety. It will include a fueling station where residents can save up to $1 off each gallon of fuel by using their Kroger reward points.

Your Flower Mound Town Council is threatening to deny this request over safety concerns that have already been addressed and resolved by Town Staff, Town Traffic Engineers and the Fire Department. Kroger has 2,460 grocery stores and a total of 1,719 fuel stations.  They know how to run a fuel station safely.

Residents have every right to be outraged by the possibility that their elected officials would deny them improved shopping options, 70 new jobs and discounted fuel. And what is the basis of their denial?  Any voiced concerns from Council and P & Z have already been addressed and mitigated.

And what about Kroger? They are trying to operate in a competitive industry while meeting the needs of the Flower Mound market. A fuel station enables them to generate income and remain competitive. If Kroger is denied this expansion, it becomes easier for them to close an aging store and leave us with an empty box. This expansion will bring additional customers to other retailers at this intersection. That will bring even more sales tax revenue to the Town. Our own Mayor and key Council members recently paid their own money for the mailer to support the renewal of the dedicated sales tax. Don’t they want increased sales tax revenue for the Town? Why would they vote against this project??

It is time for the voters of Flower Mound to come out in mass to the Town Council meeting on Monday night, Nov. 21st, 6:00 pm at Town Hall. We need to make sure our officials know we support Kroger’s expansion. Mark your calendars and be part of the process to make sure Council approves this project.

Lastly, the Flower Mound voters should be reminded that two Town Council members and our Mayor are up for re-election next May. Their previous campaign speeches touted their pledge to support economic development. After turning down several major projects, I’m beginning to wonder if they know what economic development is?? Their vote Monday night will serve as key evidence as to whether or not their pledges were genuine or just empty promises.

Please come to the Town Council Meeting Monday night, Nov. 21 at 6 p.m. Don’t turn your back on a $14 million investment in Flower Mound.

David Johnson
Flower Mound, TX

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