What are your students “studying”?

There appears to be a new policy in LISD this year, affectionately known as BYOT (bring your own technology.) Of course, it is intended that students will use their various devices for “research.” PLEASE. They are doing research all right, but you might be surprised (shocked?) to know just what it is that’s being researched. The most common use is texting friends. Then comes listening to “my music,” and most heinous of all – visiting sites on the internet where they have no business going. I have heard revelations of students taking a picture of a test and then “sharing” with another student. Pictures have been taken in the restrooms and locker rooms, and at least one middle school student was caught doing a drug deal on his cell phone. Most responsible parents are able to monitor this trash at home. But what about in the public schools? It is unreasonable to think that teachers can monitor each student in a room of 30+, and teach a meaningful lesson at the same time. I, for one, am appalled – and so relieved that I no longer have children in school. Watch for grades to fall this year. Then ask yourself again why U.S. schools are lagging so far behind.

Cheryl Gist
Flower Mound, TX

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