Dedicated sales tax reauthorization passes

Flower Mound voters approved the ten-year reauthorization of the Crime District and Fire District dedicated sales taxes and the four-year reauthorization of the Street Maintenance dedicated sales tax on Tuesday.

Originally approved by voters in 2007, the three taxes contribute one-quarter of one cent to street maintenance, one-quarter of one cent to crime control, and one-quarter of one cent to fire control.

Unofficial results:

Sales Tax                         Against                       For
Fire Control District             484  (29.62%)              1,150  (70.38%)
Crime Control District          560  (34.21%)              1,077  (65.79%)        
Street Maintenance             518  (31.70%)              1,116  (68.30 %)

According to independent study, 56% of the revenue from the tax is paid by non-Flower Mound residents, according to Flower Mound Mayor Mayor Northern.

Voters countywide also decided the fate of 10 proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution.  See the Constitutional Amendment election results here.


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