Backyard bobcats

Big cats are on the prowl in Lantana.

At least three bobcats were caught on camera by Cindy Perez in her backyard Wednesday morning.

“I saw two of them walking the fence line between the line of houses on Peco, the fence line that borders Brenham,” said Navarro Crime Watch Captain, Donitta Palmier, who lives a few doors down from Perez.

A Denton County Sheriff Deputy responding to calls from concerned residents said that the big cats were likely hunting for food and would not harm residents or large dogs.

Bobcats eat rodents, rabbits, reptiles, gophers, marmots, chickens, fawns, insects and an occasional domestic cat.

The Sheriff’s Department is planning on putting out traps to catch the bobcats and relocate them to a more secluded area.

See more photos of the bobcats here.

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