C. Stroup: Fall’s In – Summer’s Out

Now that fall is in the air
And hot, hot weather is so rare
It’s time to rest for a little while
Before the leaves you’ll need to pile.

This summer was so long and dry
Left outdoors an egg would fry.
The heat intense the sun did blaze
Not just sometimes but days upon days.

For these hot days I am not built.
I stayed inside ~ lest I would wilt.
All the flowers and trees did droop
For the rain we needed they were the proof.

And every blade of grass turned brown
Not just here but in most Texas towns.
With nary a cloud up in the sky
Just more sun, no rain, just dry.

Those days of summer I shall not miss
Instead cool fall days will bring bliss,
As gentle breezes fill the air
No more mowing ~ no lawn care.

Come on fall as you cool us down
Bring some rain to wet the ground.
Make me have to wear a sweater
To the mailbox when I send a letter.

I won’t complain if you make it cold.
I’ll treat each day as if it were gold.
I’ll savor mornings when there is frost
And know for sure that summer’s lost!



Originally published in the October 2011 issue of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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