Town Clean Up Day is Oct. 1

Delta Airlines pilot Marshall Warren is again chairing Copper Canyon’s Annual Town Clean Up Day on Saturday, October 1, from 9:00 a.m. to noon at Town Hall.

Last year’s volunteer workers developed a real esprit de corps.  Marshall would like to attract additional neighbors to participate, because the event is fun for the Town volunteers.  There is a lot of camaraderie, laughter, and mutual moans about aching muscles from hauling multiple gallons of paint out of car trunks and heaving heavy stuff into the dumpsters.

New Copper Canyon landowner Mark Thele is our first volunteer.  Mark has spent the last few months clearing an acre lot on Mobile Drive of downed trees, and he and his wife Diana will be building their home there in the near future. 

Other new Town residents who are considering volunteering are Marshall Koehler, a professional firefighter in Sherman, Texas, who just purchased a home on two acres facing Chinn Chapel Road; and Michael Koehler, a Building Inspector for Castle Hills.  Michael and his wife Kim Koehler recently purchased a home on Copper Canyon Road.  The brothers are the sons of long time Copper Canyon Building Inspector Steve Koehler and wife Claudette, who live in Flower Mound.

Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Mangum is volunteering and recruiting his fellow volunteer firefighter and Town resident Will Travis.  Council Member Dave Svatik is also volunteering along with possibly his wife Dale Svatik, who will help verify resident’s driver’s licenses.

Chairman Warren is also trying to recruit an enthusiastic Boy Scout troop or other teen age service group, who would like to earn merit badges for community service.  Young muscle power would be greatly appreciated for hoisting some of the heavy items like tires into the appropriate dumpster.

Last year’s initial program was incredibly successful with 85 households, of a possible 484 households, in Copper Canyon participating.  Residents disposed of over 50 television sets, over 50 tires, used home and yard furniture, lumber from torn down fences, vehicle batteries and household batteries, metal, old metal fence posts and fence wire and chain link, metal windows, old metal gates and ranch gates, used wrought iron, an incredible number of gallons of paint, stains and varnishes, aerosol cans, toxic household and yard chemicals, acids, antifreeze, motor oil and filters, degreasers, pesticides and pest strips, old pharmaceuticals, unwanted gasoline, drain cleaners, hobby and craft chemicals, herbicides and fungicides, photography chemicals, pool chemicals, fluorescent tube lights and other used light bulbs, old electrical extension cords, lamps, metal and porcelain sinks, plumbing and pvc pipes, old wooden and metal doors, window shutters, metal gutters, old Christmas lights, etc.  Last year one of the most notable items to be disposed of was a complete car engine!

In the category of technology disposal, monitors and keyboards will be collected and hard drives crushed.  Cell phones will be recycled for abused women, including those in public shelters.  There will also be a commercial shredder and residents can observe while their personal documents are shredded.

Most of the above will be collected Saturday morning in special separate areas around Town Hall at 400 Woodland Drive, Copper Canyon, TX 75077.  General trash items can be thrown into the large dumpsters on site.  Large items like bulky furniture, toilets, bathtubs, swing sets – must be placed by the resident inside of the large dumpsters on the parking lot at Town Hall.  Town volunteers will help with the lifting.  Last year several such large items were left on the lawn AFTER Clean Up Day was over.  The Town had to pay for these items to be hauled off by truck later.

The Clean Up vendors will not accept: guns, ammunition, explosives, propane and butane cylinders, fireworks, medical waste, radioactive material, and business waste.

Since the Town is funding this special event, only Copper Canyon residents are eligible to participate.  Please present your driver’s license to our volunteer checkers to verify your Copper Canyon address.  These ladies will approach you while your vehicle is in line and give you a verification slip to show to each vendor at the various disposal stations.

We realize that homeowners living in the surrounding unincorporated areas of Denton County would like to dispose of these items too.   And several had to be turned away last year, even though they offered to pay for the disposal service.  But the Town can only accommodate Copper Canyon residents.  We appreciate your complying with this necessary limitation.

For information or to volunteer to help on Clean Up Day, please call Town Administrator Donna Welsh at (940) 241-2677 Ext 3 or email her at [email protected]  A list of items for disposal – and unacceptable items – is on the Town web site at


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