Storm damage has neighborhood stumped

A rough winter coupled with a major hailstorm in June took its toll on a number of trees in Lantana’s common areas.

Lantana FWSD staff removed approximately 65 to 75 wax myrtles due to extensive trunk damage last month, mostly along Lantana Trail.

Kevin Mercer, Lantana General Manager, and Aaron Goldstein from Gold Landscape explained that the fast-growing evergreen shrubs took the brunt of the damage from severe weather and had to be removed to prevent disease and insect infestation that could spread to healthy trees and shrubs.

Mercer estimated that a total of 125 to 150 trees were damaged in the right-of-ways maintained by the FWSD.

When asked about a tree replacement program, Mercer said that he had found 12 trees in the landscape plans for the new Kendall and Bandera Phase 2 sections that were budgeted but not needed and he would strategically place them along Lantana Trail where there is a lack of landscaping.

“In addition, we will include landscape replacement into our annual budget each year going forward,” Mercer added.


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