A Perfect 10

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the first occupied home in Lantana, and the first family to move in that summer still call Lantana home.

Logan and Maurica Ferguson moved to Lantana after their son Logan and his wife, Tammy, took them out to the neighborhood to show them where their new home was being built. 

The couple fell in love with Lantana, found a spec home to buy, and moved in about four months before their son and his wife. Ten years later, both families still live there.

The younger Logan Ferguson said they have seen many changes in that decade.

“When we moved in, the golf course wasn’t even finished. We would go to the pool, and it was like having our own pool because no one else was there,” he said.

Logan and Tammy are raising three boys, ages 14, 12 and 4, and he said although the neighborhood has seen extensive growth and many changes, it’s been without a doubt a great place to bring them up.

Thinking back to the days when his parents were the only Lantana residents, Ferguson chuckled when he recalled being stopped numerous times by members of the Denton County Sheriff’s Department when they were leaving his parents house at night after a visit.

“It was totally dark out there, no streetlights at all, and they would think we were driving around to steal building materials. After about the fourth or fifth time they stopped us, they started just waving when we drove by.”


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