Country Lakes tornado categorized as EF2

A tornado that touched down in the Country Lakes subdivision near the Argyle/Denton border Tuesday night has been given a rating of EF-2 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale by the National Weather Service.

Damage was found that was consistent with wind speeds between 115 and 125 mph, according to the storm survey team. The tornado traveled approximately 1.2 miles on the ground and had a maximum width of 220 yards.

Argyle Fire District Chief Mac Hohenberger said that at least five homes in Country Lakes had substantial tornado damage.

The storm survey team spent time looking at photographs, video, and eyewitness evidence and determined that the numerous reports of funnel clouds, tornadoes and damage in the area were actually from the Country Lakes tornado.

The team also assessed damage consistent with straight line winds across the western portions of Corinth.

No injuries were reported from the storms.

The Country Lakes tornado was one of eight twisters confirmed across North Texas by the National Weather Service.


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