Please pump up the volume

It was disturbing to me to attend a number of Argyle Town Council meetings, including the one held on May 24, 2011, and not be able to hear the comments from the women council members when they were speaking to the audience or among themselves.  These were open meetings, not closed sessions of which I am speaking. 

After the meeting on the 24th, I asked Ms. Bonnie Haynes if I might make a suggestion and told her about my inability to hear the women.  She replied that the Town Secretary, Codi Delcambre, always told them if their microphones were off and she had not done this.

If anyone attending these meetings have had the same problem I have, please consider calling Codi at Argyle Town Hall and ask her to turn on (or turn up the volume) the microphones of the women council members. 

I would also like to suggest that the women move the microphones closer to them the way the men members do.  I haven’t had a problem hearing the men.

Thank you for publishing this suggestion.  I appreciate any assistance you can give.

Martha Beavers
Argyle, TX

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