Council approves pedestrian trail crossing enhancements

The Highland Village City Council approved a resolution for the purchase of two pedestrian trail crossing enhancements from Light Guard Systems, Inc. for the Highland Village Road Trail crossing on Victoria Trail and the Briarhill Boulevard crossing on City Trail at their meeting Tuesday.

The In-Roadway Warning Light enhanced crosswalk system is designed to alert approaching motorists to the presence of a pedestrian at a street crossing. A number of in-pavement signal lights are placed across a roadway in front of crosswalk lines. The lights are activated by automatic sensor activation, before a pedestrian enters the crosswalk. Once activated, the flashing lights are directed towards approaching drivers warning that the crosswalk zone is occupied and that caution should be exercised. The approved cost for the crossings was $44,624.

 “The council identified the need to provide enhanced pedestrian safety throughout Highland Village as we continue to develop our trail system as a transportation alternative for our residents in all areas of the city,” said Mayor Scott McDearmont. 

Future pedestrian crossing enhancements will be considered with the update to the Trail System Master Plan, city officials said.  Pedestrian crossings on FM 2499 will also be included and require TxDOT approval.

Council also approved a resolution for the execution of a construction contract with Lloyd Nabors Demolition to demolish the dance hall, ranch house, well house, well tank, metal panel fence and the concrete curb at Double Tree Ranch along with the entire structure located at 707 Highland Village Road for an amount not to exceed $29,370.

During Council reports, Mayor McDearmont provided a recap on DCTA’s Rail Ready Safety Day held on May 7 at the Highland Village/Lewisville Lake station and invited residents to attend the Rock ‘N Rail event on Saturday, June 18.

Submitted by the City of Highland Village

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