Voters deserve the facts and diversity on council

This campaign season has been really disappointing.  Last year it was a contentious campaign based on gas drilling – an issue.  This year it is about a single citizen, Kendra, running against a council endorsed “slate”.


Many cities, including Dallas, do not allow sitting council to publicly endorse candidates.  Kendra finds herself not only running against her opponent, but “the slate” — and realistically, the entire council. This should not be allowed.  Citizens are naturally reluctant to go against “council’s wishes,” and this current set up doesn’t do much to encourage individuals to run for office.

I live in Bridlewood, but I’m not even sure that we need three council members from Bridlewood, two in Wellington and one in GlenWick Estates. It seems like each area of Flower Mound should be represented.  That would do two things:  Get rid of this “club atmosphere,” and make sure all areas of Flower Mound are represented.

Voting on issues seems to be a reasonable thought, but it seems like all we hear about is horizontal drilling.  No one running wants urban drilling.  At Thursday’s Bridlewood debate, each candidate was asked: “Can Flower Mound Stop Gas Drilling” —  two said a qualified “yes” and two said “no.”  Tom and Kendra said “no.”  So, I’ll stick with the candidate who understands the issues and solutions. Gas drilling can’t be stopped, only made safer.

We spent 25,000,000 on Lakeside and it just sits there. We drive through it to shop and eat in Grapevine and Southlake.  What great real estate and it would be very beneficial for us to have lofts, restaurants and shops along the lake. Consider the traffic that goes by and how well that would go over.  Tom said if we could get a Legacy Town Center over there, it would be great.  Kendra agrees.  This would be a draw for both young professionals and retirees.  It could offer really nice housing in many price ranges, but allow Flower Mound workers to live and shop and eat in Flower Mound.

And, I thought the seniors were promised a building. We really need to get this going as well.

Economic issues came up several times but look at Highland Village.  They have managed to develop a thriving shopping area with much less to work with.

Lastly, I’m personally not too interested where Kendra posts a sign.  Or Jeff.  Oh wait, I meant Jeff, Mark and Tom.  Oh, don’t forget about Melissa, Al and Steve – the “endorsing council”….  you get the picture.

Please consider casting your vote for Kendra Stephenson for Place One.  She stands up for what she believes is right. Kendra is extremely knowledgeable and capable of dealing with all of the issues facing  Flower Mound.

Susan Huskinson
Flower Mound, TX

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