Vote Stephenson for no more missed opportunities

Last year, we successfully completed the Flower Mound Cares Petition drive, which prompted record voter turnout.  Since The NFL took over the council majority, there have been successes – but there have also been missed opportunities in regards to quality development and effective gas drilling regulations. This May, we urge you to vote for the independent voice – Kendra Stephenson.


Kendra has 20 years of business strategy experience, including problem-solving and negotiation skills, making her a needed “voice” on council.  She will ask the tough questions, seek outside experts if needed, and find the best solutions for Flower Mound. 

Kendra will fight to make sure no more opportunities are missed.  How will she do this?

• Strictly enforce our oil and gas ordinances. Gas drilling at the gateway of Flower Mound (Hilliard) was improperly approved.  Kendra expressed to council that Titan should be required to ask for a variance.  Council ignored her request and the variance was not presented to the Oil and Gas Board of Appeals. Kendra resigned as a member of the O&G Board in protest.  She then secured an independent legal opinion, which confirmed that she was correct and a variance was required. Kendra will fight to make sure this does not happen again.

• Ensure advisory boards are properly supported.  The oil and gas advisory board was not given full access to outside opinions and resources.  The board was disbanded before completing their main task – making recommendations related to Centralized Collection Facilities and pipelines.  This “hole” in the ordinance leaves the town vulnerable to more industrial facilities as seen behind the ‘barns’ on Scenic Road and 1171.

• Work toward improving Flower Mound as a town where residents can live, dine, shop and play.  Kendra will work to attract desirable development and provide quality housing (NOT high density apartments) that meets the needs of seniors and young professionals. She wants to improve the options to live, dine, shop and play in Flower Mound so we can stop driving to Southlake and Highland Village to spend our sales tax dollars.

Vote for Kendra Stephenson. Vote for no more missed opportunities.

Amy Yaeger, Jenny Rogers, and Ginger Simonson
Flower Mound, TX

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