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It has been a memorable year in Flower Mound.  The record voter turnout in last May’s election highlighted a series of events that thrust Flower Mound into the national spotlight.  Our town council and staff faced significant issues, including gas drilling and development.

As a close observer, I watched how the town council dealt with these issues.  During the process, both passionate residents and council members expressed an array of ideas, often leading to harder questions and more discussion.  As issues played out, I often wanted further explanation of council action — or the option for alternative solutions.  Many residents have told me they, too, want more from the council. 

I understand the issues put before our council are varied and sometimes complicated.  These have included proposed developments, land development regulations, the Oil and Gas Advisory Board recommendations, or even signage for Flower Mound businesses.  It is here, during these key decision-making moments, that I can make a difference.  My many years of business strategy experience can enhance our town council and bring a new perspective to the process.

While evaluating my options to serve our community, including an invitation by the majority of town council to run as part of “the group”—I decided to run independently.  That, I believe, would be best for Flower Mound.  It also provides a real choice to residents.  And it doesn’t hold me accountable to any one person or cause.  I will only be accountable to the residents of Flower Mound.

My 20 years of experience in business strategy, finance and accounting makes me uniquely qualified to assist in finding creative solutions, evaluating proposals and selecting the best options for Flower Mound.   My career has taken me across the United States and around the world, where I’ve assisted multi-national companies establish new businesses, resolve contracting issues and improve the efficiency of business processes.   I’m excited to have the opportunity to put my experience to work for Flower Mound.

Since announcing my run for Place 1, I have been approached by many residents and business leaders. There is a strong desire to have Flower Mound continue to grow and develop in compliance with the Master Plan and SMARTGrowth.  Residents tell me that they are interested in seeing development that makes Flower Mound a place where residents can eat, shop and play.  They don’t want to drive to surrounding communities for more retail and recreation options, or travel 15 minutes to the nearest gourmet grocery store.  They want it here, in Flower Mound.  Residents have also expressed a desire for quality housing options that allow all generations of their families to live in Flower Mound.

The pace of development in Flower Mound, like the rest of the country, has been slowed by the recession.  However, real estate professionals and financers will tell you it is coming back.  This is the time to improve the efficiency of our current development process.  Doing so will enhance the attractiveness of Flower Mound and bring quality development to our community.

With the election so close at hand, I look forward to meeting with residents to discuss their vision for Flower Mound.  For more information, please go to

Kendra Stephenson
Flower Mound, TX

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