Disappointed with congressman's decisions

I am saddened that Congressman Burgess took it upon himself to ignore the wishes of his constituents when he recently voted in favor of another continuing resolution to keep our government up and running.

A few key points:

A vote for the CR is a vote to support the hidden $105 billion that has just been discovered in Obamacare.  Tens of millions have already been spent and likely millions more will be spent over the next 3 weeks due to the CR.

There would be no essential functions of government that would be shut down if the Republicans refused to vote for a CR.  Everything important would continue functioning; social security, military, etc. 

Let the government close.  Did you know there are between 10,000 and 12,000 bills introduced in congress each year?  GOOD GRIEF!   We don’t need more government, we need less.

Also, Congressman Burgess continues to seek hundreds of millions of borrowed dollars in “our behalf”.  First, there was the Tower 55 railroad project costing $94,000,000.  I heard the congressman say in a town hall meeting at Flower Mound High School last fall that if he hadn’t spent it, someone else would have.  Now, that’s leadership for you.

Then there was the $830,000,000 he obtained for Texas schools.  He’s very proud of this expenditure as well despite the fact that it too was borrowed from the Chinese.  He says he makes no apologies for this burden he’s placed on our children and grandchildren. 

He assumes: 

1.  The more money we throw at education, the better the test scores our children will make…this is factually inaccurate.  

2.  The money is going to be spent frugally.  Go figure.

Our congressman does a good job for the most part but he seems to think the more money he spends the happier we will be.  It’s disappointing that he’s looking more and more like a RINO.

Brooks Moore
Highland Village, TX

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