McDaniel seeks election to LISD board of trustees

Mike McDaniel, a former administrator at Lewisville High School and a former LISD trustee, announced plans to run for Place 6 on the Lewisville school board, currently occupied by Amber Fulton. 

 McDaniel says he has dedicated the majority of his adult life to serving children, has loved every minute of it and looks forward to continuing his service.

A resident of Highland Village, McDaniel is married and has three children, including two daughters, Taylor and Jordan, and a son, Chase.  Taylor is a student at Texas A&M, while Jordan is a Junior at Marcus and Chase is in the 6th grade at Briarhill Middle School.  McDaniel is a local businessman and developer. 

“Our district has to be returned to the stakeholders…taxpayers, community members and parents.  We must get back to open and transparent governance. We have to allow stakeholders a voice in the direction and future of this district. Massive financial shortfalls await every school district in the state, in the coming year. Cuts in the budget are inevitable. But, I believe we will withstand the pain and provide for a stronger school district if we allow the community input and ownership in providing solutions to this crisis,” McDaniel said in a press release.

“At present, most decisions are made in secret, behind closed doors and without opportunity for input from the community. When decisions are set for vote, the school board agenda minimally lists the action item with no explanation, and the item is voted on and set into policy before community members are ever aware. The stakeholders of this community deserve better.” 

McDaniel said that he feels that there is a disconnect between the district and large segments of the community. 

He cited the rejection of a two-cent tax increase by voters last year and the subsequent lobbying by some school board members in Austin asking for legislation that would allow school officials the power to raise taxes without voter approval, as well as the ongoing controversy surrounding Lewisville High School’s new campus on FM 3040, which may separate the school’s students into three campuses spread across town.

“Lewisville ISD has always been an outstanding district.  The strength of our school district has always come from the support and direction of our taxpayers, community members and parents.
And if we are to maintain the quality of our schools, it will take the collective wisdom of all.   I believe, openness, transparency and inclusiveness must be returned to LISD.”

McDaniel said that he is active in his church, the community and the schools.  He is a former administrator at Lewisville High School and trustee for the Lewisville ISD.

McDaniel is an ordained deacon and serves as President of the Denton County Child Protective Services Board of Directors.  He has served the last four years as president of the LHS Circle of Friends Grand Ball Booster Club – an organization which puts on an annual Prom for special needs children at LHS – and has been involved with the event since its inception in 1995.

McDaniel’s wife, Linda, is also active in the schools and received the LISD Volunteer of the Year award in 2003 and was nominated for the Texas PTA Volunteer of the Year. She was also named the Citizen of the Year by the ARC of Denton County.  Mike and his wife Linda were named 2009 Volunteers of the Year by ISS magazine for the Self-Storage Industry.

McDaniel concluded, “The Lewisville ISD has been one of the beacons leading the way in public education in Texas for years.  We have to do everything within our means to ensure that this tradition continues.  Our children, their parents and all stakeholders deserve no less. “

Election Day is May 14.

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