A case for smiles

A group of students at Flower Mound High School have decided to put their design skills to work for a very special cause.

Theater teacher Keli Wilson and her Costume Design class are making pillowcases and donating them to ConKerr Cancer for children who are battling cancer at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

“I serve as a director for two productions each year and costume design all play productions on our campus,” Wilson said. “I had several students who were interested in costume design but who did not have room in their schedule to take the advanced tech class (they serve as designers, construction, and crew members for our play productions), so we decided to offer it as an alternative. It has grown over the past three years, and I now teach it each semester.”

The class has donated each of the last three years, and Wilson said the response from ConKerr has been excellent.

“There are several drop-off points in the DFW area, and the one I’ve been using is in a quilting shop in McKinney,” Wilson said. “My mom quilts, so I asked her to drop them off for me.

“Apparently, they have never had such a large quantity donated at any one time at that location, so the coordinator asked for my mailing address. We got a very kind thank you letter from her that I’ve shared with my students and principal, Mr. Paul Moon.”

Costume Design student Kristina Hrubo, 15, said being part of this project is very special for her, especially since she has been personally impacted by the effects of cancer.

“I feel very privileged to be working on this and very proud to be in a class that’s actually doing something for a good cause,” Hrubo said. “I have an aunt who died from breast cancer, so I feel much more determined to work on this project.”

Flower Mound freshman Sophie Carlin said it makes her feel good to participate in the program, but was quick to place the project in its proper perspective.

“Making pillowcases for the cancer patients is so small compared to what their doctors and family do every day,” Carlin said. “But knowing that we can add a little color and a spot of hope to their world makes us feel glad to help out with at least something.”

Wilson said she hopes her students take away a couple of things from this project.

“I want them to learn that you don’t always have to donate money to a charity to help someone in need,” Wilson said. “If something as simple as making a pillowcase can help someone who needs it, I certainly can help.

“Know that the students are only required to turn in one pillowcase for the grade, but many of them choose to make more than one to donate. One young lady made six!”

Anyone interested in donating fabric to the Costume Design class can do so by bringing two and a half yards of cotton fabric with “brightly colored and fun patterns,” to the front office at the high school.

Visit www.conkerrcancer.org for more information.

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