Coach Kelli: Food for Thought – Making the Better Bad Choice

When was the last time you felt good…really good?  Can you remember when you woke up without the alarm clock, sprung out of bed energized, took that first step without an ache, had mental clarity, smiled at your reflection in the mirror and felt unstoppable?  Have you forgotten what it feels like to feel good, to not need a pill to fall asleep, to wake you up or to go to the bathroom?  When was the last time you made it through a day without a cup of caffeine to give you a boost? 

At what point did doing things so unnatural, gradually become normal?  When did we accept frequent headaches, brain fog, achy joints, sluggishness, bloatedness, a twitching eye, cravings or a variety of other signs and symptoms?   Why do we think our only options are tolerate or medicate?

We live in a modern society where suffering from preventable illness and chronic disease is the norm. 

It’s no surprise that the standard American diet is void of any real nutrition, but are Americans really owning up to the cold hard fact that is a major contributor to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity, and overall dis-ease.  Many do not comprehend the relationship between their food intake and their lifestyle habits, to chronic illnesses such as arthritis, osteoporosis, recurrent infections, allergies, acne, asthma and even sinusitis.

Here’s the great news. While most chronic medical problems are caused by improper diet and lifestyle, they can also be reversed by adopting a more natural diet.  This does not mean that everyone has to go to the extreme of following a macrobiotic diet, but it starts with making the better bad choices.

The typical American eats one to two different breakfasts, 2 – 3 different lunches and 4 – 5 different dinners.  It can be as simple as starting with the single step of replacing a few ingredients in your staple meals.  For example, swapping simple carbs such as bread and pasta with whole grain carbs such as brown rice, steal cut oatmeal or quinoa.  Begin reading labels to avoiding any food with high-fructose corn syrup which can be found in yogurt, cereal, ketchup and soda.  If the only vegetables you consume are French fries, ketchup (yes, that’s considered a vegetable according to the government) and corn, then try some spinach, okra, peppers or cauliflower for nourishment.  If the only fruit you eat is a banana, expand your horizons and reach for high anti-oxidant blueberries or a low sugar pear.   

Keep focusing on the better choice.  If your diet is the typical American course of high calories, fat, sugar, salt, refined foods, chemical additives and processed meat, and is low on nutrition, fiber, and antioxidants, you can make small changes over time to feed yourself in a manner that you can heal and eliminate nagging symptoms.

Being over fat, under energized and unwell no longer needs to be a problem for anyone!  Our bodies are amazing and at any time will respond to positive or negative things that we do to it.  While genetic factors do play a role, modern living and modern dietary practices work against those genes to express their negative side. The reverse is also true regarding expressing the positive side of your genes when you care for your body.

Our bodies were never made to survive on today’s manmade processed diet and as we start our children on the American diet at early ages, we are already seeing the negative effects with childhood diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol as well as behavior and learning challenges, sickness and infection.  High calorie mal-nutrition takes a toll, BUT, high nutrition and optimal calories are your answer to optimal health.  Only 9% of people are eating 3 – 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.  You have control over your health. I encourage you to move towards ultra-health be getting devoted to the healthiest food choices, one bit at a time.

If you have been a victim of the typical American diet of highly processed foods, alcohol, soda, medicine, second hand smoke and high levels of stress, I encourage you to consider detoxifying by renourishing your body.  To start making better choices consider the 30 Day Detox Fat Burning Meal Plan which is free with your membership to Argyle Adventure Boot Camp or jump start your results with the 9 or 30 day Detoxifying and replenishing plan by Isagenix.

For more information about the Isagenix Plan, Fat Burning Meal Plan or Argyle Adventure Boot Camp program, go to or  Each month, participants are losing on average 10 pounds, 15 inches, reducing body fat by 5% and changing their blood chemistries.   You can be in a healthier, fitter body 4 weeks from now.

Kelli Calabrese, Clinical Exercise Physiologist and 24 year fitness industry leader, speaker, author, editor, spokesperson and consultant, is the international master trainer for Adventure Boot Camp, the fitness expert for Montel Williams, author of Feminine, Firm & Fit and coach of Argyle Boot Camp.  Visit, e-mail [email protected] or call 817-490-1296.

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