Videographer helps local businesses reel in customers

One of the fastest growing, locally-owned and operated businesses in Southern Denton County began as a university project.

Online Video Solutions founder William Boren began his company in 2009 at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and said his company offers a variety of services to local businesses and others.

“Online Video Solutions provides video marketing services for chambers of commerce, media companies, medical professionals, service companies and small to midsize businesses,” Boren said. “Its results – guaranteed professional services that include script-to-scene video production for YouTube, Facebook, Google TV, websites and smartphones.” 

Businesses and organizations of all sizes are fast adopting online video marketing as a valuable tool in their marketing approach, and Boren is riding the leading edge of the wave.

Boren said Online Video Solutions completed its startup phase in less than six months and provided video marketing services for more than fifty local businesses.

Online Video Solutions received the November 2010 Business of the Month Award from the Town of Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce for its business education and community service, and is now planning to sponsor Video Marketing Internships for students with the North Central Texas College Parker Square Campus opening this month in Flower Mound.

Boren said NCTC Parker Square campus students with Online Video Solutions management will be assisting the Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce and local businesses with producing videos.

The Flower Mound resident said he has been pleased with his company’s success.

“It has been very exciting and rewarding to start a new business in Flower Mound and the business community support is outstanding,” Boren said. “Online Video Solutions receiving the Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month Award was the capstone for 2010.”

Boren said he does still have one major objective for his company, which kind of brings things back to where it got started.

“Online Video Solutions ultimate goal is to sponsor Video Marketing Internships for college students across North America to expand their business experience and to earn income for their education paths,” Boren said. “The business model for Online Video Solutions provides college students with educational opportunities working with chamber of commerce organizations, media companies and business owners on video marketing.”

Boren, a member of Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church in Flower Mound, said that his two children look to be following his footsteps.

“My son, Tanner, attends Lamar Middle School and we moved to Flower Mound in mid-2010 from Lewisville for Tanner to attend Marcus High School next year. Tanner is enrolled in the Media Class at Lamar and he’s mastering Video – Graphics Production.

“My daughter, Lindsey, graduated from Lewisville High School in May 2010 as a top GPA Student and she received an Oklahoma University Honors College scholarship to attend OU Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication.”

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