Monday, February 26, 2024

Three suspects in custody for kidnapping woman

The Texas Rangers, Dallas Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have three suspects in custody for the kidnapping of Eileen Loskot, 54, who was taken from Double Oak yesterday morning. All three men are facing state charges of aggravated kidnapping.

Nathaniel Williams, 17, and Edward Muckelroy, Jr., 19, turned themselves into the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Albuquerque, N.M., this morning. The Dallas Police Department arrested Matthew Casaus, 23, yesterday, and he is in the Denton County Jail.

The three men abducted Loskot as she was driving home from work yesterday at 1:30 a.m. They later forced her to retrieve cash using her credit and debit cards at a bank in Cedar Hill, which is south of Dallas. Two of the three men forced Loskot into the trunk of her own car and drove to Albuquerque where they released her Thursday night.

Loskot drove back to Texas, where law enforcement officers had received information to be on the lookout for her and her vehicle. The Texas Highway Patrol found her as she was driving her car eastbound on I-40 near Vega at 11:47 pm last night.

“The coordinated efforts of multiple law enforcement agencies helped bring Mrs. Loskot to safety, and with the suspects in custody, we will continue our investigation to make sure that justice is served.” said Texas Ranger Chief Tony Leal.

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