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Top fitness trends for 2011 – Back to Basics

Losing weight continues to be the number one New Year’s goal.  Resolutioners will once again set out to burn, cinch, shake, lift and spin off the excess fat.  The great news is that what’s old is new in 2011 when it comes to fitness training and the experts have found that going back to basics is the answer.  You no longer need to learn sophisticated poses, balance on half a ball with a bar over your head or suspend yourself from pulleys. 

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, boot camp workouts, hiring educated and experienced fitness professionals and wellness coaching are among the top fitness trends for the coming year.   The group surveyed more than 19,000 fitness pros to come up with worldwide fitness trends for 2011.  Pilates and balance training listed in the past top 20 didn’t make the cut this time.

Boot-camp workouts
These structured, high-intensity workouts, modeled after fundamental-style training, include cardiovascular, strength, endurance, speed, agility, quickness and flexibility exercises. The group classes often combine sports-type drills and calisthenics with purposeful cardiovascular conditioning, core strengthening and stretching.  They are typically 75% less of an investment than personal training, can be outdoors, offer much variety in the workout format and a group environment.

These workouts can be for people of all abilities when led by a qualified and caring instructor.  The programs are designed for those who have not exercised in years, to weekend warriors, to the more experienced exerciser who enjoys additional motivation, and to spice up the workout routine.  If you are unsure if boot camp is right for you, check with the instructor to answer your questions. 

The services offered in boot camp incorporate 15 of the top 20 fitness trends including wellness coaching, assessments, nutritional services, group training, sport specific training and weight loss.  It’s a great way to incorporate all of your fitness needs into one program.

Hiring Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals
People are expected to turn to the fitness experts for several reasons. Some people simply want the best and fastest results; others are looking for guidance to become educated in proper exercise.  Others have had a bad experience exercising, feel intimidated in the gym, have tried and failed too many times on their own, are looking for the accountability, won’t be motivated alone or simply enjoy the support of a coach.

When looking for a fitness professional, look first for an exercise degree, then multiple certifications, years of experience working with people like you getting the results you desire, someone with excellent references, who has a positive and winning personality, is professional and passionate about being in a partnership with you in coaching you towards your goals. 

Wellness Coaching
Wellness coaching has become more popular in the past 5 years.  This trend incorporates behavioral change science into health promotion and disease prevention.  Most people have realized that at times, change involves more than simply making up your mind to achieve a result.  Years of poor habits may need to be replaced.  A coach works with the individual’s personality, helps them to set and achieve realistic goals, keeps them on track and works with the client towards achieving positive and permanent changes.  

An estimated 80% of Americans do not engage in a regular exercise program.  If 2011 is truly the year you are going to get fit, prevent disease and be your physical best, consider your best options.  Don’t wait until 2011 to get started. In fact it’s best to start now and avoid the crowds. 

Kelli Calabrese, MS is a clinical exercise physiologist and 24 year fitness leader with 25 fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and weight management certifications.  She is the coach of Argyle Adventure Boot Camp, an Isagenix Consultant and author of the 30 Day Fat Burning Detox Meal Plan.  Visit or call 817-490-1296.

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