Sunday, September 25, 2022

Pucker Up

Bridlewood Elementary students gathered on the playground and to a chant of “Kiss the Pig” watched principal Mike Rogers and fifth grade teacher Mr. Shurtleff kneel down face to face with Aggie the pig. 

One week’s worth of work had come down to this one exciting moment – the pig kiss. The principal and teacher were great sports to offer this challenge to the students as an encouragement for their participation in a school wide community service project.  

To get to this special day, the student council sold turkey feathers to dress class turkeys for $1 each. 

Every dollar raised was used to purchase uniform items for students at Lakeland Elementary School. In one week the school raised $2500. With the help of several store employees at Target, 265 clothing items were selected and purchased for the students at Lakeland. 

On Friday, the clothing items were displayed on the school playground as the kids gathered around for the event.  Mr. Crocket, Lakeland Elementary principal, and Marlene Balraj were present to watch the pig kiss, accept the donated items and present Bridlewood with a certificate of appreciation.

Submitted by Lauren Smith

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